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Trailer Time: Transformers Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

I don’t care that it looks good.  I don’t care.  I don’t care that there is a picture of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock holding a sword.  There is nothing that can make me get back in a theater and watch Michael Bay ruin  Transformers for me any more.  I like the first movie.  I do.  Oh it’s flawed.  But it was amazing to see these things come to life, but the second movie is the worst, most offensive, biggest mess of any franchise film I’ve ever seen.  The third film was just boring.  It was better for being boring, but…yeah I can’t do it again.  That being said, yes, this was a lot of awesome in 47 seconds.  147 minutes of this though, I am willing to bet cash money will not sustain this.Optimus Prime, Transformers 4, Transformers Age of Extinction

5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Transformers Age of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer (2014)”

  1. Why did you have to post this? I didn’t catch the spot during the Super Bowl, and everything would have been right with the world if I hadn’t just watched it on your site. But I did watch it, and it looks so cool that now I have no choice but to see the movie.
    Sorry. I know it’s not your fault. I know exactly whose fault it is.
    I did not like the first Transformers like you did, but that last half hour was so close to my childhood dreams it was scary. I want them to channel that kind of magic and sustain it through an entire movie. They say this one will be different, and like a fool I’m there. But how much do you want to bet that the LEGO movie runs rings around this? I’m looking forward to it, but to you it must be like Woodstock or something.


    1. I would be lying if I was not counting down days to the opening of the LEGO Movie. I would be lying if I did not already have the LEGO game for the LEGO movie pre-ordered. I would also be lying if I said I had not been out late Friday night trying to find a particular LEGO set I felt I needed. So yes, I will be the only adult without a child over the age of 11 at The LEGO movie. My wife has told me that dressing up as a minifig might get me arrested, so I’m showing mature restraint, I think.

      Ok, I posted this for the same reason I posted The Lone Ranger trailers last year. I do not WANT this to be bad. I know with Michael Bay’s European-nation sized ego it will be. There are Bond villains with less of an ego than Michael Bay. The giddiness comes from seeing these things come to life and in the trailers, we can do that without having to endure Devastator finally assembling only to have an extended scene with his robot scrotum. So I got to see Optimus Prime riding Grimlock carrying a sword. Whatever else this movie does, whatever abomination it commits later on…that’s still probably my wallpaper for a month.


      1. You don’t have to apologize about the LEGOS. We all have our methods of staying sane as we cope with our cosmic predicament. LEGOS are colorful, you can build actual things with them, and soon there will be more LEGO people in the world than real ones, so you know which way the wind is blowing.
        I know why they keep making Transformers movies while filmmakers like Gilliam sit out in the cold; the Transformers movies make more money than the human mind can comfortably comprehend. John Turtorro has probably made more money off of the first three Transformer installments than he has in the entire rest of his career. But couldn’t they trim just thirty million off the budget of one of these tentpoles, and let Gilliam make his Don Quixote? I’m dreaming, I know.


      2. Yep. John Turturro is someone I would instantly attack were I to see him on the street. That’s what these films have done to me. When I was a kid, I thought Jesus sounded like Peter Cullen…..I’m not so sure I still DON’T! I’d pay Terry Gilliam to build a Pythonesque cannon to shoot Michael Bay into space. And then I would build a LEGO version of that cannon, because that’s how I roll.


      3. Don’t attack poor John. I honestly feel for him. He never had the career he should have. And if someone offered me an astonishing amount of money to be in a really bad movie, I’m not so sure I would refuse. I would never do anything morally repugnant, but a movie? The start of a potentailly lucrative franchise, with Speilberg involved? I would do it, then I would simply try to balance it out with more meaningful work.
        Have you seen the film Unstrung Heroes? It’s about a young boy whose mother is dying of cancer. His cold, distant father (played by Turtorro) doesn’t help, and he can’t stand being in the house anymore, so for a while he goes to live with his two mentally ill uncles, one of whom is played by Michael Richards (but it’s not a funny role). It’s a film about the importance of familial bonds. Diane Keaton of all people directed it, and it’s moving in the extreme without being overly sentimental.


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