Trailer Time: Godzilla Trailer #2 (2014)

Today is just a bounty of giant, mutated Japanese lizards!  Godzilla posters in the morning; Godzilla trailer (the second) in the afternoon.  I’m beginning to be cautiously optimistic about this.  If it contains a cameo in which Matthew Broderick is violently crushed (peferably with Roland Emmerich)….well that would just be so cathartic.  Godzilla opens May 16, 2014.


Harrison Ford in Talks for TWO More Indiana Jones Films

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm it not only acquired Star Wars, it also acquired the rights to Indiana Jones.  Star Wars has been Disney’s focus since day one and any inquiries into the status of Indiana Jones basically resulted in a “we’ll do something with it but we’re not focusing on it”.  That appears to not be entirely true if reports from Internet source Market Saw (who first broke news of the Star Wars sequels) are true.   Continue reading Harrison Ford in Talks for TWO More Indiana Jones Films

My Favorite Scene: Argo (2012) – “The Best Bad Option”

Last year something weird happened at the Oscars….one of the best films of the year actually won the Best Picture award.  Hardly ever happens.  Probably won’t happen this year.  Now, granted, the Academy made up for the logic they showed in the Best Picture category by not even nominating the director of the movie they gave Best Picture to, but that’s still more logic than you can squeeze out of a typical Oscar ceremony.  We begin Oscar Week with my favorite scene from last year’s best picture: Argo. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Argo (2012) – “The Best Bad Option”

Two New Godzilla Posters

I really don’t want to jinx this…but after the first trailer and these cool posters mixing the classic Gorjira design into a modern setting, plus the stellar cast…I’m not writing this off. I want to see more, but could it be that the ghost of Matthew Broderick will be exorcised this summer? It’s jammed in the middle of a ridiculously stacked May, so it may not have a chance no matter how good is, but we’ll all find out the verdict when it opens May 16, 2014.