Trailer Time: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer Pt. 1

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so epic that its Super Bowl trailer is being leaked in two parts: one today and one tomorrow.  I keep getting more hyped for all four Marvel movies this year and I think the tipping point toward being nutsy about this film came in the trailer when for a brief second you see in Oscorp the Vulture’s wings and Dr. Octopus’ arms in storage.  The Amazing Spider-Man opens May 2, 2014.  You know you’ll be there.
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Trailer Time: The Monuments Ment Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

I finished reading The Monuments Men a few weeks ago and a few things have me worried going into the film that I thought was an absolute lock to be an early year hit.  First, despite the lack of faith I’m beginning to have in it, the film is currently at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Second, from what I’ve seen of the trailers, the film is-by necessity-historically inaccurate (I’ll get into that when I review it).  Third, only George Clooney’s character bears the name of one of the actual Monuments Men.  The others are made-up characters or composites of several men.  None of these damns the film, they just have me a little worried.  Here’s the Super Bowl trailer for the film as well as a bonus clip, because I know by the time it airs, Broncos fans will be deep into their 12-pack and need something to cheer them up.  The Monuments Men opens Friday, February 8, 2014.

The Monuments Men, Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Goodman, Bill Murray

Trailer Time: Noah Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

Despite this newest poster depicting Noah in a very Leonidas/Maximus role (which having read the Book of Genesis multiple times, it’s difficult to spin Noah as any kind of badass), I am still morbidly interested in what Darren Arnofsky will do with the Biblical story of the global flood.  This is the trailer that will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl 48 (which the Seahawks will win) so catch up on the trailers I’ll be posting all day today and tomorrow so that when game time comes, you’ll be free to make snack runs during commercials.  Noah opens in theaters next month.
Noah, Russell Crowe, Darren Arnofsky

Martin Scorcese’s Next Project – Silence – Will Star Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe

Liam Neeson, Gangs of New York

Silence, Martin Scorcese’s next film, will reunite him with Gangs of New York star Liam Neeson (the first 15 minutes of that film is one of my favorite openings of all-time) as well as Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe.  The film will be an adaptation of  Shusaku Endo’s novel about 17th century Jesuits who to try bring Christianity to isolated Japan. Scorsese has been trying to make this movie since 1991.  It promises to be extremely different in tone than his recent films. Continue reading Martin Scorcese’s Next Project – Silence – Will Star Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe