Titanfall Achievement List Leaked. Next Gen Mech Shooter Releases March 11th.

The first real AAA title of the next generation of gaming (since oddly there were none at launch) is EA and Respawn Entertainment’s mech shooter Titanfall. The free beta which is available now to all Xbox Gold members on either console will give you a taste of whether the game’s for you, but you just want to know about the achievements, which were leaked online earlier today. Thanks to XBox Achievements for the list and photos. The full version of Titanfall releases on March 11, 2014.
Titanfall Achievements


Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

There’s a $140 million Biblical epic coming out in six weeks….and absolutely no one is talking about it.  Darren Arnofsky’s Noah is making news really only for religious groups not supporting it, but they’re not really even putting much effort into it.  The article circulating with the poll claiming 98% of religious groups don’t support the movie is based on a poll that simply asked the question, Would you support a Biblical movie that was not faithful to the source material?   Continue reading Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

Top 10 Star Wars Moments

One of my long-term “I swear I’m going to get to it” projects for the site is to re-watch the entire Star Wars saga and do detailed reviews of each episode.  I have a couple of epic projects like that planned for the site this year, but  with the Olympics I haven’t gotten the kind of time needed to tackle any of them yet.  If you’re on YouTube, I seriously recommend WatchMojo to follow.  They deliver top 10 lists like this a few times a week and they’ve got some seriously interesting ones.  In fact, I have a backlog of saved ones to share on the site.  This is their top 10 moments from Star Wars and, while it’s not my list or the order I’d have picked, it’s not bad.  Enjoy and look for a Star Wars saga revisit sometime in 2014 on Killing Time.