First Guardians of the Galaxy Poster….You’re Welcome

Completing a week of Guardians of the Galaxy madness, today the first real poster for the film was released.  A quick side note: Top Fives will return next week as we get back into our groove post-Olympics.  Drink in the galactic goodness.  This movie is going to be such a blast.
Guardians of the Galaxy

Finalists to Direct Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe is all but certainly going to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 3.  Not only has his name been rumored for over a year, MCU guru Kevin Feige has said, “[Doctor Strange] checks the box off this criteria that I have.  He’s totally different from anything else we have.” Continue reading Finalists to Direct Dr. Strange

The Green Goblin Revealed in Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pic

I think any doubt that Harry Osborn is going full Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been dispelled by this latest released photo.  I think the Osborns are going to be the real villains of this film and the stuff with Electro and Rhino has been a smokescreen.  Not that they’re not in it or a big part, but I think this is more an Oscorp movie than it is “Electro’s movie”.  I don’t know how I feel about the Goblin look.  I also think this may be very nascent Goblin and we’ll get a different, more classic look in AMS 3.  This doesn’t leave much doubt though.  Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2nd.
Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker, Harry Osborn, Dane DeHaan, Green Goblin, Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield

Killing Time – February 20, 2014

killing time

                               A lot like yesterday, a lot like never. 
                             ~Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried

Our great national nightmare is over.  Bob Costas has returned to the Olympics.  I didn’t realize how integral Bob was to my Olympic viewing experience until pinkeye viciously ripped him from the Sochi Games (act of terror?……you be the judge).  I sat for a solid week just staring at Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera mumbling, “…’re not Bob……YOU…..ARE….NOT….BOB!” Continue reading Killing Time – February 20, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details

Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest collaboration, The Wolf of Wall Street, will come to DVD and Blu Ray on March 24, 2014. Wolf is nominated for several Oscars including Picture, Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor going into next Sunday’s Oscar ceremony. For a full synopsis of the film plus details on all the extras, check out’s summary of the upcoming release. By the way, if you’re like me and have blu rays spilling out of every cabinet of your house, is the place to go for comprehensive reviews as well as alerts on what releases are on sale. That’s just a free plug and a thank you for being such a resource (though if they want to send me a gift basket, it’s not like I’m saying no…).
The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio

Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details