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The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer #1 (2018 – AMC) “Rick’s Last Ride Begins”

The Walking Dead is headed for some serious changes over the next year.  Season nine of the zombie survival drama will see a time jump from the season eight finale, and this season will be the last for Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes).  TWD has had some trouble staying as gripping as it used to be, and a lot of fans will look hard at how the show manages this transition before deciding whether or not to keep the show in their rotation.  TWD Season 9 will premiere on AMC on October 7, 2018.  More below from Comic Book Resources.

walking-dead-season9There are three months to go before The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its ninth season, but that’s not too early for the show’s cast and crew to converge at Comic-Con International in San Diego‘s Hall H for a panel highlighting what to expect when the show returns in October of this year. Alongside executive producers Angela Kang, Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert and Greg Nicotero, stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were on hand to offer fans a few teases about Season 9. CBR is there live, so keep hitting refresh for the latest details.

The Season 9 premiere will be Sunday October 7th. The panel opened with the first look at Season 9’s trailer:

It opens with Rick visiting Negan in a makeshift dungeon — spoiler alert, they still hate each other. The time jump is confirmed by the look we get of Maggie and Glenn’s baby who’s probably about a year old. The communities are all looking far more sophisticated, developed and idyllic. We get shots of Rick and Michonne riding horses and fighting walkers and in general being #couplegoals. Rick has fully welcomed the Sanctuary into the fold and actively helps them rebuild. A team winds up exploring D.C. for an unknown reason, and one of the new communities (Toledo) appears to cause serious problems and be the new nemesis. Jadis has fully integrated into some society and looks pretty happy. There is underlying strife between Rick, Maggie and Darryl that looks very serious — not surprising considering Maggie’s promise to kill Negan when she gets the first chance.  Eugene and a partially blind Gabriel appear, as well as Carol who’s questioning her position in peacetime.

And finally, after the final title card rolled, we got a shot of two people sliding down a riverbank and covering themselves with mud to hide from a train of walkers. As the walkers pass, one of them whispers “Where… are… they?” So, you know, take that as you will.

*Text from CBR

The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer #1 *From Comic Con 2017*

I have fallen off The Walking Dead myself with all of the other shows out there, the zombie drama that never ends has gotten stale.  That being said, there are still hordes of you who haven’t so when Comic Con drops a five-minute trailer for the show’s upcoming eighth season, far be it from me to pass it along to the Deadheads.  Without even having seen it, I’m going to bet Rick is going to be very tense and wrought about something also Negan will probably drop a naughty.  Pure speculation.  The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22, 2017.
The Walking Dead Season 8

My Favorite Scene: Breaking Bad Season 1 (2008) “Fulminated Mercury”

Breaking Bad sounds like a horrible idea in concept.  A high school chemistry teacher finds out he has terminal cancer, so to earn some money to leave his family he begins cooking meth with one of his old students.  In practice, it’s a slow burn to some of the most intense scenes in television history as Bryan Cranston‘s character, Walter White, slips deeper and deeper into a world of darkness.

Bryan Cranston, Walter White, Heisenberg, Breaking Bad

Anyone who’s ever told me that they couldn’t get into the show, has always said the same thing: that the first season is too slow and they lost interest.  That’s actually exactly what happened with me the first time I watched it, but you have to push through, and when you do, you’ll realize all the groundwork the first episodes lay for what is really a five-season tele-novel.  As Walter drives himself harder and harder to make money, he falls in with a crazed gangster who beats his partner half to death and steals a batch of their product.  This confrontation between the gangster and the first appearance of Walt’s alter ego – Heisenberg – marks a tipping point in his ever shifting line in the sand between making money for his family and just making money by any means.  It’s also probably interested more people in chemistry than any ten textbooks have ever managed.
AMC Breaking Bad, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul, Walter White

Trailer Time: The Walking Dead Season Seven Trailer #1 *Here Comes the Tiger!*

AMC brought the house down at Comic Con with the first trailer for the seventh season of its zombie drama The Walking Dead.  Returning from a sixth season finale cliffhanger that angered many fans, you can’t say they didn’t bring the goods with their first look at season seven.  Not just Negan & Lucille but King Ezekiel enters the mix!  And, yes, absolutely, there IS a tiger on this show.  The Walking Dead will shuffle its way back to TV screens in late October.

Negan, Rick Grimes, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead, Michonne

The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu Ray Date & Details

The sixth season of The Walking Dead probably had the most controversial season finale of any drama since Lost went off the air.  Bail now if you know nothing, but from the above general trailer for the zombie drama’s sixth season, we get the introduction of perhaps the comic book’s most notorious villain: Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan).  Negan is given the most frightening introduction of any evil force in the comics, culminating in his using is barbed-wire bat “Lucille” to brutally kill one of the most beloved characters in the series.  If you want to know who Negan killed (because season six left you hanging), read issue #100 of the comics.  However, there were 11 options and 11 death scenes filmed specifically to mess with fans, so it is entirely possible that the show will diverge from the books.  While TWD stayed pretty faithful to the comics the first two seasons, it’s branched further and further away from its source material so that people like me, who are with the comics on issue #157 can’t be absolutely sure what the show is going to do.  That’s actually a lot more fun, as a viewer.  The sixth season of Game of Thrones was so mind-blowing because it went way past anything that George RR Martin had written (maybe will EVER write at this point), and anything was possible.  The Walking Dead Season Six will hit stores on Blu Ray and DVD on August 23, 2016, and the seventh season will begin this October.  For details on what special features you can expect, read below courtesy of comicbook.com.


The bonus features include:

  • Episode 616: Last Day On Earth — The Extended Version (BLU-RAY ONLY)
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of “The Walking Dead”
  • In Memoriam
  • 601: Out of The Quarry
  • Guts & Glory: The Death of Nicholas
  • Strength in Bonds
  • Negan: Someone to Fear
  • The Face of Death: Iconic Walkers of The Season

The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Season 6