Site Note: KT Undergoing Upgrade

Greetings, Time Killers!  You may have noticed some tweaks to the home page.  I’m moving some things around, trying some new things, and so if stuff looks wonky….I’m probably in the middle of messing the entire site up.  Perfectly normal.  One thing to note for people who read the Word Press page only, I’ve divided up the workload because I spend 1-2 hours a day on this blog and I can’t get to everything.  Casting news, posters, pictures, and general news will get published to the Facebook page ( or to the Twitter feed (@sleeplessdave), which now displays the last 10 news items on the site for those who hate Facebook and Twitter (there are enough of you that I am writing this, so you know who you are).  The addition of the Twitter widget will give WP site only readers the same kind of total access the Facebook horde gets.  The things I do for you all.  Keep stabbing minutes, you wacky little wombats, you!

The Management

Site Note: Killing Time Passes 3,000 Posts!!!


From our beginning back in January 2013 through yesterday, Killing Time has now generated over 3,000 posts (all of which are available to peruse in our archives).  Quite honestly, I never thought that this little project (which I started to keep my tiny little bit of sanity during the darkest time of my life) would have lasted this long.  Less than three years later, we’re passing the 3,000 post mark.  Next month, the main site will pass 400,00 hits.  WordPress doesn’t really do a stellar job of giving you an idea of how many people are actually viewing your things across all platforms, but there are nearly 9,000 people following KT through, our Facebook page (, and our Twitter handle (@sleeplessdave….yes, the site hijacked my Twitter acccount).  There are more following on Path and Google + and Pinterest, but WordPress doesn’t give me feedback about that.  The point is, it started out as just a way to discipline my writing and to escape reality.  Now, it’s become a part of my daily life and a way to share the geekery I love with the friends I’ve made through KT and continue to make.

I want to thank each and every follower, all the commenters, and the awesome people whose blogs I’ve discovered through writing my own.  You will never know the part you’ve played in helping ME just by dropping by to argue Star Wars minutiae.  I love getting feedback, so if you feel like dropping me a line on any of the platforms, please do so.  It’s a ton of fun discussing movies, TV, games, and all the shared interests we have.  If you have any ideas for improvements to the site, new features, or any suggestions at all, I always want to hear them.  Recently, the time I have available to work on the site has shrunk dramatically, but I promise I will  try my best to get at least one thing up here a day (most days).  My sincere thanks for being a fellow Time Killer, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to and discuss in the months ahead.  Thanks, you crazy little geeky wonders, you.

killing time

Site Note: KT Remains Smacked by Mother Nature

Greetings, Time Killers. The storm that smacked us Friday knocked out power to half a million people in my area and it appears my neighborhood is the last on the list to get power restored.  Frustrating, but not much I can do. I  did have to attack the sentient creature that had been born in the blasted Hellscape of my fridge.  Twas an epic struggle and I emerged nauseous and triumphant.  So at least nothing is threatening to displace me as Lord of Apokolips.  I will keep trying to update the Twitter and Facebook KT pages (@sleeplessdave on Twitter and from my phone.

Site Note: KT Has Been Smacked by Mother Nature

Hi, all.  I just wanted to pop on the laptop I am borrowing in the house where I have taken refuge, to let you know that site updates may be spotty for a few days.  Huge thunderstorms hit the mid-Atlantic region of the States last night.  There were several lightning strikes in my neighborhood, trees struck, the power is not expected to be back for days, but thankfully no one was hurt.  I can try to keep updating the Twitter and Facebook KT pages (@sleeplessdave on Twitter and from my phone.  I’m sorry, but not too much I can do about it.  When I get back home, blowtorch out whatever has grown in the fridge, and get the wireless working again, we’ll be back up to speed.

Site Note: Killing Time on Twitter

Greetings, Time Killers, I just wanted to drop in and say that I’ve greatly increased KT’s presence on Twitter.  You know the Facebook page ( gets everything this page does plus extra stories that I don’t really have anything to add to and do not particularly want to rewrite.  Now that same extra coverage (as well as everything from the page) will always be on KT’s twitter feed (@sleeplessdave).  Ideally, I should have created a Twitter feed for KT that was not originally my own, but then we picked up 1200 Twitter followers in six days this week and that no longer seems a tenable option.  So if you are a Tweeterer (not a word, should be), follow us there.

PS – I will now say what I said on both Twitter and Facebook already today which is that I hate every one  of you who helped Angry Birds to #1 at the box office.  You realize you just created a franchise, maybe even a shared universe of handheld gaming movies that we’ll never be rid of EVER!  You, YOU, are the reason we’re getting a Tetris Trilogy!  IT’S ABOUT SHAPES FALLING FROM THE SKY!  HOW IS THAT A MOVIE???  LET ALONE THREE??  MADNESS!!!  CATS ARE LYING DOWN WITH DOGS, CLOCKS TURNING BACKWARDS, AAAAARGH!