Site Note: Killing Time Passes 3,000 Posts!!!


From our beginning back in January 2013 through yesterday, Killing Time has now generated over 3,000 posts (all of which are available to peruse in our archives).  Quite honestly, I never thought that this little project (which I started to keep my tiny little bit of sanity during the darkest time of my life) would have lasted this long.  Less than three years later, we’re passing the 3,000 post mark.  Next month, the main site will pass 400,00 hits.  WordPress doesn’t really do a stellar job of giving you an idea of how many people are actually viewing your things across all platforms, but there are nearly 9,000 people following KT through, our Facebook page (, and our Twitter handle (@sleeplessdave….yes, the site hijacked my Twitter acccount).  There are more following on Path and Google + and Pinterest, but WordPress doesn’t give me feedback about that.  The point is, it started out as just a way to discipline my writing and to escape reality.  Now, it’s become a part of my daily life and a way to share the geekery I love with the friends I’ve made through KT and continue to make.

I want to thank each and every follower, all the commenters, and the awesome people whose blogs I’ve discovered through writing my own.  You will never know the part you’ve played in helping ME just by dropping by to argue Star Wars minutiae.  I love getting feedback, so if you feel like dropping me a line on any of the platforms, please do so.  It’s a ton of fun discussing movies, TV, games, and all the shared interests we have.  If you have any ideas for improvements to the site, new features, or any suggestions at all, I always want to hear them.  Recently, the time I have available to work on the site has shrunk dramatically, but I promise I will  try my best to get at least one thing up here a day (most days).  My sincere thanks for being a fellow Time Killer, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to and discuss in the months ahead.  Thanks, you crazy little geeky wonders, you.

killing time

11 thoughts on “Site Note: Killing Time Passes 3,000 Posts!!!”

    1. It’s quite a lot of words on this thing by now lol. I remember a year ago when I ran out of the free space WordPress gives and I thought that would never happen. Grateful to you and all the other regulars for being so awesome over the years.

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  1. 3,000 posts? Way to go! Seriously, that is a LOT of geekery, and I’m honored to have been able to witness it. You’re a good man and, BTW, an excellent critic.

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