Scarlett Johannson in Avengers: Age of Ultron

POLL RESULTS: Which Female Hero Deserves a Solo Film Next?

Wonder Woman‘s success with critics and at the box office is going to finally make studios look at giving heroines the lead in upcoming comic book films.  A few are in the works, some have long been rumored, but who MOST deserves a solo film of their own ASAP?  Killing Time readers voted, and their choice is the woman who should have already had a solo film years ago: Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers

MCU Czar Kevin Feige has essentially promised that there will be a Black Widow movie without committing to it.  Now, it could be already in the works behind the scenes, just not announced.  Why not?  Well, any solo movie announced right now confirms that characters are going to survive 2018-2019’s Infinity War two-part epic.  The finale will end the MCU as we know it, but we know there will be a Phase 4 and that the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will pick up right where Avengers 4 ends.  So with Marvel usually planning their films six years in advance, this could be on the schedule, but kept dark so we don’t know for sure that she survives Infinity War, something that we’re only totally sure about for Spider-Man and some iteration of The Guardians of the Galaxy.   I certainly hope it is the works.  Johansson first played the Widow in 2010’s Iron Man 2, and the soonest she’d likely get her solo film is 2020.  Ten years is a looong time to keep that good an actress and character on the bench.

Dafne Keen in Logan

This race was tied with 48 hours left in voting until Black Widow got a burst.  Before that, this thing was dead-even between her and X-23, introduced earlier this year by Dafne Keen in Logan.  A solo X-23 film is a bit problematic in that Logan’s timeline has the character 40 years ahead of the current X-Men team, which is gearing up for X-Men: Dark Phoenix set in the 1990s.  You could certainly continue the time period of Logan and pick up with Wolverine’s daughter and her friends a few years down the line in that time period, or you could do a little time traveling whammy.  Happens to the X-Men all the time.  Either way, it speaks to the appeal of the character and Keen’s performance that a relatively new character to the pop consciousness nearly stole the vote from the woman who was, until Wonder Woman, the highest profile female super hero.  Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is scheduled for her solo film in 2019 (only 21 films, Marvel, TWENTY ONE FILMS TO HAVE A FEMALE LEAD???), and the DCEU has several heroines keyed up with Gotham City Sirens, a solo Batgirl film, and Patty Jenkins will return to direct Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 2 (the first film is still going strong at the box office, about to pass Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the US box office).  Diana is the standard they’ll be chasing, but there are plenty of amazing characters who can rise to the occasion.
Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman


5 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Which Female Hero Deserves a Solo Film Next?”

  1. I will never forgive WB for not letting a Burton/Pfifer Catwoman film happen. I know that my fanatical devotion to Batman Returns is a little out in left field (second best superhero movie ever made, after Dark Knight) and that its conception of Catwoman is a far cry from the figure in the comics, but she was the part of that movie that was uncontraversial at the time. Burton wanted it, Pfifer wanted it, Waters had a very perverse dark script. And we got Halle Barry, in a travesty.


  2. It did not sexualize her, and Donner’s Superman was way more of a joke. It would have been nice if the film had worked in some of the dark and ambitious subtext Snyder failed to make work in his installments, but whatever, the film worked in its own terms. I really loved it.

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    1. It wouldn’t have fit the character. There’s nothing dark or ambitious about young Diana. She’s the polar opposite. The DCU as a whole is less dark than Marvel. Gotham is another story but its one corner of a world that is traditionally a brighter more optimistic place. Donners Superman is a joke compared to modern takes but his Superman is still the beginning of everything. Batman Returns honestly might not make my top 40 comic book films though I love Pfieffers Catwoman and wish that film had been made. She will debut in the DCEU with Harley and Ivy in Gotham City Sirens.

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      1. I agree about Diana, but nothing stopped Snyder from jumping right into Superman’s tortured heart of darkness, then immediately turning the population of earth (and Batman) against him. I’m sure the WW director, god bless her, and the direct shapers of the film, had Diana’s integrity at heart, but make no mistake: the straightforward, lean, dare I say MCU-like approach was a cold, calculated business move from the perspective of the suits.

        i tend to judge Donner too harshly. I love the director’s cut of Superman II, but trying to hedge your bets by making a character Jesus Christ and also a campy joke… no courage there, and also I don’t think it entirely works. But what do I know? That John Willliams score starts up and I’m swept away, just like everyone else.

        Batman Returns is a masterpiece of production design, cinematography, costume design, and creature creation (I was obsessed with its version of the Penguin, way back when). It was the most perverse movie to ever be a summer blockbuster. Batman and Catwoman were not just fighting, all that violence was a metaphor for sex. The whole film was a study in alienation and loneliness, in an urban setting. It was bonkers, nasty, and one of the coolest movies ever made.


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