DC Comics’ Forever Evil Part 3 of 7 Out Today *SPOILERS FROM #1-2*

DC Comics, Forever Evil

DC Comics Forever Evil is the first major event of its universe after its “New 52” reboot.  Despite the fact that I read more comics than I do anything else, I don’t cover a lot of them on the site, but we are following this one because for once, the “things will never be the same” tagline seems to be true.  Now, I’m telling you, if you’re waiting for the trade or don’t want spoilers, get out of the rowboat!
DC Comics, Forever Evil
To review, the Justice League and most of the heroes of the earth are not in play for reasons we’ll not delve into.  The world has been enslaved by the Crime Syndicate who are, essentially, Evil Justice League.  In issue one, they cowed all the other villains  into submission and then pulled this shocker on Nightwing, one of the few heroes left, changing his life and the Bat books forever.
Forever Evil, Nightwing
Forever Evil, Nightwing

That was a huge bang to end a first issue on and second issues are always a little more decompressed as we get into the story and Forever Evil is no exception.  The second issue spent time inside the Crime Syndicate where not all is happy Kryptonite snorting.  Evil Superman thinks he’s with Evil Wonder Woman, but Evil Batman is her baby daddy and they need to get rid of Evil Superman before he finds out.

As far as the resistance goes, with Nightwing still very unconscious, the Teen Titans tried to step up and play in the big leagues and that didn’t end so well.

Plucky resolve TT, but Evil Flash and Evil Atom pretty much carve them like a turkey.  The fight rolls into Teen Titans Annual #2 where we Superboy looks like he’s fairly dead.  The majority of the other Titans MAY be dead also.

Teen Titans Annual #2 Spoilers art 9


So who is the world’s hope?  Well after years of growing at Superman, Lex Luthor immediately asks….WHERE THE HELL IS SUPERMAN, THIS IS NUTS!?!  Geoff Johns then pulls a neat continuity trick and introduces Otis from the Superman movies into DC continuity.



Don’t get attached.  Luthor shoots him to jump start what he’s been baking in his lab: his very own Superman!  Unfortunately, that Superman needed five more years of baking and he’s…special.  And so Bizarro enters the New 52 world of continuity as does Lex’s power suit as the bald genius and his half-cooked Superman head off to rally the villains against the Syndicate.

This brings us to today when issue #3 hits online comic retailers like Comixology (my vendor of choice) and your local comic shops.  I’m not sure what kind of schedule this book is on.  Is it every six weeks?  Is it two months?  This event is going to last awhile.  Issue 3’s cover seems to indicate that Luthor is beginning to rally his villainous troops.  We’ll see what happens when issue #4 hits stands…whenever that is.


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