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Star Wars: Battlefront II Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront got a lot of things right in rebooting the franchise, but it focused exclusively on multiplayer, had some balancing issues, and had a limited number of locations and characters.  Battlefront II and ME: Shadow of Mordor will eat the rest of my year.  Exponentially more modes, planets, maps, heroes/villains, plus a single-player campaign that looks to have real information for SW fans about the gap inbetween Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.  The opportunity to mix all three eras, the gorgeous graphics, and-really-because this is something Star Wars, makes this must-buy.  Plus, free The Last Jedi DLC content will start to arrive free for players the first week of December.  If you bought the deluxe version, you’re a go at midnight tonight, but for everyone else, the game will release November 17, 2017, on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.  Achievements and gameplay details below, courtesy of xboxachievements.com. Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront II Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront II Launch Trailer (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)


eaturing new characters created by Motive in close partnership with the story group at Lucasfilm, the Star Wars Battlefront II single player campaign will deliver a new exciting story to the Star Wars universe. Taking place in the 30 years between the destruction of Death Star II and through the rise of the First Order, the single player story introduces Iden Versio, the leader of Inferno Squad, an elite special forces unit of the Galactic Empire, who are equally lethal on the ground and in space. In addition to Iden, players will also encounter and play as other iconic Star Wars heroes and villains like Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren during the campaign. Continue reading Star Wars: Battlefront II Launch Trailer (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront II Story Trailer (Xbox, Playstation, PC – 2017)

Star Wars: Battlefront II looks like the game Star Wars: Battlefront should have been.  It has exponentially more modes, planets, heroes/villains, and vehicles as well as a badly-needed story campaign.  This is a perfect example of Lucasfilm integrating different media to flesh out the Star Wars universe.  A novel, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad by Christie Golden, came out in July to serve as a prequel to this video game’s campaign.  The campaign is as canon as the novel and the movies, and serves to help bridge the period of time between the end of Return of the Jedi and the beginning of The Force Awakens.  You’ll play as an elite squadron of TIE Fighter pilots: Inferno Squad, who were off-base when the Death Star II was blown up.  They are given a posthumous mission to stamp out the Rebels by Emperor Palpatine, and you get to play from the Imperial perspective: to see the Rebellion as a terror organization and a threat to galactic stability.  It’s a unique perspective that I don’t think we’ve ever gotten in a Star Wars video game.  It looks gorgeous, and the story is really intriguing.  Star Wars Battlefront II will release for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 17, 2017.
Star Wars Battlefront II

Trailer Time: Star Wars Battlefront II (2017 – Xbox, Playstation)

The original Star Wars Battlefront games had single player modes that were integral to the enjoyment of the game, and DICE made a big mistake omitting a campaign from its revival of the franchise.  Normally video game trailers don’t come on the site until launch, but we are all Star Wars geeks, and Star Wars video games are canon now (the first Battlefront is how the brought back Boba Fett post ROTJ).  This campaign reveal looks amazingly epic, spanning the destruction of the second Death Star to the rise of The First Order.  I was not pleased with the multiplayer-only first installment, but this trailer has me changing my mind.  Read more below from Coming Soon for all the details. Continue reading Trailer Time: Star Wars Battlefront II (2017 – Xbox, Playstation)

Killing Time’s Top 10 Video Games of 2015

Fallout 4

2015 was a ridiculously good year for video games, so good that I almost hope 2016 is subpar so that I can finally catch up with all the gaming I have to do.  Old franchises returned to form, some just kept rolling along and a few new players entered the arena.  To me, the top two games of the year were Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider.  I ended up selecting the latter as my #1, but I’ve only put a fraction of the time needed to fully explore the Boston wasteland in Fallout 4, whereas I’ve shaken everything out of the second game in the excellent resurrected Tomb Raider series.  So with that caveat, here are my top 10 games of 2015, which I will be playing looooong into this year and beyond. Continue reading Killing Time’s Top 10 Video Games of 2015