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My Favorite Scene: Any Given Sunday (1999) “A Game of Inches”

Either you’re a huge fan of Oliver Stone, or you likely can’t stand anything about Oliver Stone: the man’s polarizing.  Personally, I’m not a fan.  Any Given Sunday is, to me, one of Stone’s best films.  It’s overlong and hackneyed at points, but it also was a prophetic and revealing portrait of the real culture of professional football and its consequences to those who play it long before the issues it raises became mainstream sports conversation.  The centerpiece of the film is, without a doubt, another great monologue from Al Pacino.

Is there another actor who has more memorable career monologues than Pacino?  The most iconic is, obviously, Scent of a Woman, but there’s Dog Day Afternoon, And Justice for All, a couple from the Godfather films, Heat, and on and on.  “A Game of Inches” has to be counted right up there.  As pre-game speeches go, they don’t come better.  As the best sports-related motivational speeches do, it also translates to life as a whole, and whatever else you may take away from Any Given Sunday.…this scene makes the career portfolio of one of the greatest actors of all-time.

Al Pacino and Jim Brown in Any Given Sunday

Movie Review: Dark Horse (2016) *The Welsh Miracle*

Dark Horse, Dream Alliance

Nothing too long here, just a quick review, for a short movie that I’m sure most people will miss.  Dark Horse isn’t the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen, but I don’t normally even watch documentaries so that alone should recommend the movie.  Americans love underdogs.  We are underdogs. In a relatively young nation, our national mythology is the underdog.  It plays into our beliefs, our political system (as it SHOULD work), our work ethic, and-though shaken-our ability to dream.  Our national opinion is that anything should be possible.  I know it hasn’t felt like that in a while.  But for a big nation, we’ve always liked the little guy.  We’ve always believed in long shots, and in the world of horse racing, Dream Alliance makes Seabiscuit look like a thoroughbred. Continue reading Movie Review: Dark Horse (2016) *The Welsh Miracle*

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for FIFA 17 (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

After the very successful Rio Olympics, looking back, one of the highlights (THE highlight) for the host nation was Brazil’s victory over Germany in an amazing game that came down to the final penalty kick.  So riding that soccer (ahem football) buzz into video game stores is EA Sports’ FIFA 17.  The FIFA series consistently ranks at or near the top of the sports genre, and this year looks to be no exception.  You have some time to kill before it hits shelves on September 27, 2016, for both Xbox and Playstation consoles.  So you might as well spend it watching the highlights from that amazing Gold Medal match between Brazil and Germany (suffering Olympic withdrawal…..2018 Winter  Games in South Korea so far away…..). Achievement list below courtesy of xboxachievements.com.

Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for FIFA 17 (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for NBA 2K17 (2016 – XBOX, Playstation)

NBA 2K17 will release for all platforms on September 20, 2016. As always, for more cheevo and trophy goodness, check out xboxachievements.com. Continue reading Complete Achievement/Trophy List for NBA 2K17 (2016 – XBOX, Playstation)

My Favorite Scene: 42 (2013) “Why Are You Doing This?”

I’ve been following Chadwick Boseman since 42 and his fantastic portrayal of Jackie Robinson, then later in Get on Up as he BECAME James Brown.  I mention this, because by the end of the year, Boseman is going to be a star because of his role as Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War.  A lot of people avoid sports movies if they’re not particularly sports fans, but 42 cannot be missed.  Not only does it tell an important American story, but it introduces someone who I think will be a major star, and gives Harrison Ford maybe his best supporting role in his long and illustrious career. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: 42 (2013) “Why Are You Doing This?”