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Bradley Cooper’s 10 Best Movies

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s best role may be as an weapons-obsessed, semi-homicidal raccoon, but the actor has put together a solid list of performances in which he is not knee-high and betailed.  When Alias exploded on ABC, everyone thought Jennifer Garner was going to be the breakout star from the cast, but, over the years, Cooper has emerged as the most talented member of that fantastic ensemble cast.  He’s hit or miss as a leading man, with his best solo performance undoubtedly being sniper Chris Kyle in American Sniper.  Where Cooper shines is as part of an ensemble.  He works best when paired with other high caliber actors (American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook) and can easily do drama, comedy, or action.  His achievement with Rocket is not glib praise.  Cooper completely transforms his voice to play one of the MCU’s most popular characters and manages to make a character that is silly in concept, a hysterical, often moving example of voice acting at its finest. With A Star is Born, Cooper added A-list director to his repertoire, taking his career in a direction akin to that of Clint Eastwood. Cooper has a bright future in front of the camera and behind it.

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My Favorite Scene: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) “12% of a Plan”

Why is Guardians of the Galaxy KT Community’s Movie of 2014?  Because it’s freaking awesome!  I’m much more verbose than that, but at its core, Guardians is just pure, unbridled fun.  Most movies can’t deliver; you’ll get a couple of special ones each year.  This is a film that will endure long after most of the Oscar  Best Picture nominees have faded past memory.  Disney and Marvel trusted their source material, backed it with enough money to make it flawless and delivered a brilliant ensemble, science fiction romp.  This scene is a perfect example of why this film worked, the odd mix of balls-out adventure and heartfelt moments that made Guardians great.  Personally, I only have seven percent of a plan for tomorrow….

Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details

Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper


Guardians of the Galaxy, the #1 movie of the year (words I never thought I’d be typing), will hit home theaters on December 9th.  There are some cool-sounding special features, but the second in a row Blu Ray release without a Marvel One-Shot.  Those were awesome!  BRING BACK GROOT IN ONE SHOT!  HULK AND GROOT TEACH HUMAN TO ALIENS.  It writes itself! Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray/DVD Date and Details

How Tall is Your Favorite Marvel Character? Fantastic Poster!!!

Marvel Heroes' Height Comparison Chart
From Marvel and HolloweenCostumes.com, with great art by Kate Willaert, comes this group mug shot of your favorite Marvel heroes. It allows you to get an idea of where you would stand amongst them running from a scale of Howard the Duck to Groot (if you’re curious, I am the equal of either The Punisher or Nick Fury, but you probably had suspected that already).

What I love particularly is that all five of the Guardians of the Galaxy are included in this.  I am no longer the John the Baptist of Rocket Raccoon and Groot.  Their awesomeness has gone mainstream.

Also, if you’re primarily familiar with the Marvel Universe through the films, that’s not a misprint.  Wolverine is short.  Shorter than Black Widow.  Hugh Jackman has made that difficult to comprehend, I know, but he really is just a wee bit bigger than Howard the Duck.

Every Easter Egg in Guardians of the Galaxy

For fans of Marvel’s Cosmic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy was an Easter Egg basket of comicky in-jokes and references.  Because Mr. Sunday was already good enough to compile them all into a video, enjoy the clever hidden gems.  Oh, and spoiler warning for those of you yet to GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!