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My Favorite Scene: Schindler’s List (1993) “The Girl in Red”

In 1993, Steven Spielberg had one of the greatest years of any director in the history of film.  That summer he released one of the greatest summer blockbusters ever in Jurassic Park and that winter he swept the Oscars and turned in probably his best film with the Holocaust drama Schindler’s List. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Schindler’s List (1993) “The Girl in Red”

Mark Felt Trailer #1 (2017) *The Man Who Brought Down the White House*

For decades, one of the biggest secrets in the world was “Who was Deep Throat”: the confidential informant for The Washington Post’s Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward during the Watergate scandal that would eventually end the presidency of Richard Nixon.  It wasn’t until 2005 that the mysterious figure (played as a shadowy men in All the President’s Men by Hal Holbrook) was revealed to be Mark Felt, the second-highest ranking member of the FBI.  Felt’s story now comes to the big screen with Liam Neeson in the title role.  Also starring Martin Csokas, Michael C. Hall, and Diane Lane, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House is set to open in theaters on September 29, 2017.
Liam Neeson in Mark Felt

Trailer Time: Silence Trailer #1 (2016) *Scorcese’s Next Masterpiece?*

(Text from Geek Tyrant)
The first trailer has been released for Martin Scorsese‘s new film Silence, and it looks like he’s created another masterpiece. The film is very different from anything he’s done before. Scorsese has been trying to make this film for the past 28 years. Now he’s finally done it, and it looks like it was well worth the wait. 

The story is set in the 17th century, and it centers on two Christian missionaries, played by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver, who embark on a mission to Japan in search of their missing mentor, played by Liam Neeson. This journey is described as their ultimate test of faith as they enter a land where Christianity is outlawed. It looks like this is something that they will be struggling with. Of course, the movie is sure to go beyond that basic premise. 

This looks like a deep and powerful film that will go into questions of religious tolerance and explore the dangers of ministering the faith to the Japanese people during that time. There’s going to be plenty of stuff to chew on with this film. 

Silence opens in theaters on December 23rd.

Trailer Time: A Monster Calls Trailer #1 (2016) *A Literary Masterpiece Comes to the Screen*

My wife died of cancer.  It’ll be two years in October.  That’s the whole reason I started Killing Time.  I needed a place to go, a place to be where there was no cancer, no death, no pity, and no tears.  When someone you love dies, no one really knows what to say other than how sorry they are, but they do seem to fire books at you by the truckload.  I never got that.  Why would I want to read more about grief when it was my whole life?  That being said, most I just flipped through.  Only two helped me at all.  Early on, it was A Grief Observed by CS Lewis.  It’s essentially a journal Lewis kept in the days and months following his wife’s death from cancer (a story that is brilliantly told by Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger in Shadowlands).  After awhile, when grief is all you have known for ages, you stagnate.  That’s when a dear friend of mine gave me Patrick Ness’s masterpiece A Monster Calls. Continue reading Trailer Time: A Monster Calls Trailer #1 (2016) *A Literary Masterpiece Comes to the Screen*

My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) “Duel of the Fates”

Six weeks.  All the anticipation leading toward Star Wars Episode VII and now only six weeks stand between us and the first Star Wars film in a decade.  The build-up and the hype can only be compared to the last time Star Wars returned in 1999 with Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  I’ve been saving the Star Wars films in this column to lead up to Episode VII so we’ll be doing one a week until we can return to a galaxy far, far away. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) “Duel of the Fates”