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My Favorite Scene: Wind River (2017) “Take the Pain”

I’m not a parent. I’ve never seen a piece of myself shining in the eyes of a child. I can’t imagine what that is like, and I cannot fathom what it must be like to have it and lose it. I have lost my entire world to grief. When you go through it, there’s a pernicious lie you’re told in counseling, by people who don’t get it, by most of pop culture: it gets better. The pain goes away. It doesn’t. It does change. It changes you. The knife-sharp pangs that wrack you in the beginning become a dull roar. You learn to live around it, but the person you were before never comes back. It’s something you suspect as soon as you lose the person: I’m never going to be the same. The most honest assessment of the grieving process that I’ve ever heard comes from one grieving father to another in the most underrated film of 2017: Wind River.

Taylor Sheridan’s modern western crime thriller (it manages to tick all the requirements for at least three genres) was another spectacular script from the Sicario screenwriter and a very impressive directorial debut. As good as Gary Oldman was as Winston Churchill, I thought Jeremy Renner’s performance in this film was the best acting I saw last year. Renner is always strong, but to the detriment of his appreciation, his performances are usually understated character work. With Wind River he was able to blend his gift for nuance with a clear, deep connection to the material. The porch scene is so intensely honest that it nearly blew me out of the theater. It’s a testament to how entertaining the film is in the midst of dealing with the bleakest terrain a human soul has to cross that I was able to walk out feeling like I’d finally spent time with someone who got it. I wish I’d have gotten a counselor as good as the one Renner’s character got at that seminar in Casper.Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen in Wind River

My Favorite Scene: Forrest Gump (1994) “Jenny’s Grave”

Unlike most of humanity, I don’t love Forrest Gump.  CALM DOWN!  I respect the film for the performances and for breakthroughs in the craft of filmmaking, but in no way do I think the film is one of the greatest motion pictures of all-time.  “Gumpmania” swept the country in 1994, denying what should have been the most critically recognized film of the year, The Shawshank Redemption, the acclaim it has since received in the two decades since both were released.  Likewise, Tom Hanks has given at least three to five performances that were stronger Oscar candidates than Forrest Gump.  I will give the film credit, though, for some incredibly powerful, authentic scenes of types of emotion we don’t often see in film. Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Forrest Gump (1994) “Jenny’s Grave”

I Kill Giants Trailer #1 (2018) *Coward or Warrior?*

I Kill Giants is one of the best graphic novels of the last decade, and Joe Kelly has adapted his award-winning tale for the screen.  I love the look of the trailer.  It really captures Barbara’s odd ferocity and sets you up for finding out what her story really is.  It has a lot of themes in common with last year’s spectacular A Monster Calls, and debuted at film festivals late last year, but will go wide in theaters this March.

“I Kill Giants” tells the story of a young misfit girl named Barbara (Wolfe) battling both real and imaginary monsters in her life. Joe Kelly, who wrote the award winning graphic novel he created with illustrator Ken Niimura, has also written the screenplay adaptation. Saldana will play school psychologist Mrs. Mollé, who plays a key role by helping Barbara face both internal and external threats, forming an inspiring bond with her in the process
Read more at http://www.comingsoon.net/movie/i-kill-giants-2017#sL1bf7fJbVZ4vGfH.99

Jennifer Ehle in I Kill Giants

Trailer Time: A Monster Calls Trailer #1 (2016) *A Literary Masterpiece Comes to the Screen*

My wife died of cancer.  It’ll be two years in October.  That’s the whole reason I started Killing Time.  I needed a place to go, a place to be where there was no cancer, no death, no pity, and no tears.  When someone you love dies, no one really knows what to say other than how sorry they are, but they do seem to fire books at you by the truckload.  I never got that.  Why would I want to read more about grief when it was my whole life?  That being said, most I just flipped through.  Only two helped me at all.  Early on, it was A Grief Observed by CS Lewis.  It’s essentially a journal Lewis kept in the days and months following his wife’s death from cancer (a story that is brilliantly told by Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger in Shadowlands).  After awhile, when grief is all you have known for ages, you stagnate.  That’s when a dear friend of mine gave me Patrick Ness’s masterpiece A Monster Calls. Continue reading Trailer Time: A Monster Calls Trailer #1 (2016) *A Literary Masterpiece Comes to the Screen*

Killing Time – December 29, 2014 “Happy Holidays”


Veteran fans of KT are running through the streets, tearing at their eyeballs at the lack of order.  We do MY FAVORITE SCENE on Tuesdays and KILLING TIME on Thursdays!  WHAT MADNESS HAVE THE ALIGNING STARS BEGOT?  Well, let’s all take a breath, firstly.  There.  Wasn’t that ten kegs of fun?  Now here’s the thing.  The holidays for a person who has just lost a spouse are supposed to be legendarily bad.  That’s a complete untruth.  Imagine taking your heart our of your chest with something akin to a melon baller and then playing hackysack with it for weeks.  That’s about 10% of how bad it actually is.  So bad that I nearly didn’t even get to The Hobbit!  THE HOBBIT!  Ok, do we see the gravity of the sitch?  It, being the holidays, is mostly looking back, retrospectives and lists of the best of the year and I feel there are a lot of films I need to see before I can fairly compose one.  I’m also traveling to the Baltimore area, where the harbor is one of the most beautiful spots in America and two blocks over you remember that Homicide and The Wire were both set in Baltimore.  I’m going to be traveling with my second family, with whom I’m currently staying in the balmy climes of NE Ohio (motto “What’s that glowing orb in the sky?”).  This isn’t an official hiatus.  In fact, I’d be surprised if I went the week without posting to my KT peeps.  We had a huge year for growth despite my life exploding in September and had roughly 140k hits to the 40k we had in 2013.  We’re going to bulid on that in the new year and I have plans to use this blog to sharpen my writing and to force myself into a routine of dialogue over the lands that lie second star to the right and straight over the rainbow that we all love to lose ourselves in.  I’m off to Maryland and I’ll talk to you soon.