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My Favorite Scene: The LEGO Movie “The Hyperdrive Theft”

To celebrate The LEGO Movie’s imminent arrival on home video (yes I did pre-order the “Everything is Awesome” Edition….how did you know that?), this week we have the hard task of separating one awesome scene from the solid brick (see what I did there) of scenes that comprise The LEGO Movie.  Before I go on for a thousand words about how outstanding and groundbreaking a film it is, I’m just going to link to my review here and say that out of all of the confluences of pop culture references, cameos and hilarious moments, Batman stealing the Millenium Falcon’s hyperdrive is the best thing to happen in a movie ever.  In the history of anything.  Fact.The Lego Movie, Batman

LEGO Movie Blooper Reel

If you haven’t gone and seen the LEGO Movie yet, you’re missing out on one of the best films in a LONG time.  Warner Brothers today released a “blooper” reel from the film to bring people in for Presidents’ Day weekend….oh and that Valentine’s Day thing.

Will Ferrell, The Lego Movie