Jim Gaffigan in Super Troopers

My Favorite Scene: Super Troopers (2001) “The Cat Game”

Super Troopers has become a cult classic comedy since its release in 2001.  Fans of the film so wanted a sequel (opening this Friday) that when the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, whose cast members star in the film, asked for help in raising $2 million dollars in a crowdfunding campaign to secure locations, they had it in 26 hours.  The film is wildly uneven, and a fair review of it is that it’s a comedy that has some fantastic scenes, but feels a bit overlong and patched together…..that being said you really end up kind of loving it.

The film is about a group of bored, misfit Vermont State Troopers who spend most of their time chugging maple syrup and finding new ways to amuse themselves by torturing the people they pull over.  The film has one of the best openings of any comedy, but my favorite set piece, because it’s so easy to do to people in real life, is The Cat Game.  The goal of The Cat Game is to see how many times the trooper can work the word “meow” into a routine traffic stop, and it’s awesome.  I would be lying if I said I had not done this to people in a customer service capacity on the phone on tremendously long Tuesday afternoons.  So if you’re THAT bored today….

Super Troopers

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: Super Troopers (2001) “The Cat Game””

  1. Does this movie ever cross the line into outright…how can I put this?…malevolence? Alfred Hitchcock kind of built an entire career out of the public’s fear of cops. I hate films about doctors abusing thier authority (Dead Ringers is, to this day, the most disturbing film I have ever seen, and the only film that would make me a happier person if I could unsee it) and films about cops abusing thier authority are a close second. I don’t think it rises to the level of irrationality. It makes more sense than, say, a fear of clowns. But I have avoided this movie for years for this reason. Should I continue?

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    1. No, I would not say they are ever malevolent. They’re too stupid to be malevolent. It is wildly uneven, with some moments being funny and some falling flat. It’s more like a bunch of sketches than a film, but when it hits, like The Cat Game, it’s pretty great. I HAVE used The Cat Game in answering customer service calls. It’s amazing how many you can get away with before people catch on.


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