Mark Hamill and Alec Guiness in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Kenobi: Awesome Tribute to Obi-Wan

Hero Fan Productions makes some fantastic videos over on YouTube, including two of my favorite Star Wars videos ever in The Chosen One and The Last.  While those videos highlighted the Skywalker clan, HFP has just released a tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Using his initial meeting with Luke in A New Hope as the pivot point, the go through Obi-Wan’s entire life as we’ve seen it thus far from Episodes I, II, and III, Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels (SPOILER WARNINGS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN REBELS).

Whether or not we’re going to get a Kenobi spin-off film starring McGregor that would cover Obi-Wan’s time between Episodes III and IV seems still up in the air.  Director Stephen Daldry was attached to the project, but McGregor hadn’t been signed as of writing.  No 2020 Star Wars film has been announced, and it is unlikely that Rian Johnson or the Game of Thrones creators will be ready with their new series of films by then.  Kenobi seems to be the one spin-off most fans want, even the ones who don’t like the “Star Wars Story” concept.  McGregor certainly has campaigned for returning to the role, and I think they could make a great film out of that mysterious time period in SW lore.  In the meantime, check out HFP, and enjoy Kenobi’s story thus far.Ewan McGregor in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

7 thoughts on “Kenobi: Awesome Tribute to Obi-Wan”

  1. One word would have fixed The Hours, and negated the need for Daldry to make it: Prozac. No, who am I kidding I want to see these kinds of weird choices, too bad he’ll quickly leave the project even if he’s hired. Probably.

    Everyone talks about an Obi-Wan standalone like it’s a no-brainer (I think we’re all picturing a Sergio Leone film) but since the fate of the entire galaxy depends on his keeping a low profile, I’m wondering what he could possibly do on Tatooine that could be exciting enough to rival what we’re seeing in the Solo trailer, for example. I would love a smaller, more atmospheric film that referenced not just old Westerns, but also old detective fiction, Dashiell Hammett novels, that sort of thing. Imagine Mos Eisley, or a similar town, given a vibe like the border town in Touch of Evil. Sadly, none of that is going to happen, instead he’ll probably secretly go off world. I’m pretty sure your average SW fan could come up with an entire film of astonishing action set pieces, each one topping the last, and set it all on Tatooine, but that will not happen, a quick and easy path will be taken.

    As always, I hope I am utterly incorrect.

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    1. I think we’ll find out the 2020 SW plans at D23. That seems to be the new forum for announcing Disney plans and news, so it won’t be too much longer until we know more. Well, the Kenobi novel that I think that got retconned out, was set during that time and was really good and Rebels biggest moment through three seasons takes place with Obi-Wan on that planet, so the material is there with an actor who wants to play the character free of Lucas’s actor hatred, but Daldry is NOT the right choice.

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      1. You think the director of The Reader and the Hours might not be appropriate for a Star Wars movie? Gadzooks!

        Unless they go the route of that wonderful fan trailer which I’m sure you’ve seen, the one that ends with the shot of old Ben levitating.

        But actually, no.

        Ewan wants to do this so much. It would be a crime to let the chance slip by.

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      2. The fan trailer where they pull most of the footage from Last Days in the Desert (which is a really interesting take on Christ’s time in the desert if you haven’t seen it)? That one is pretty darn good.

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      3. I wish they would make more SW movies that were more adult. Rogue One was amazing because it spoke to me as a grownup. It was great for kids too, it wasn’t Looking For Mr. Goodbar, but I never felt I was being shortchanged so that the filmmakers could bring more children into the fold. An Obi-Wan spin-off like a Kurosowa film, perhaps Yojimbo (A Fist Full of Dollars is the American analogue for those not keeping track) would be too awesome for words.


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