Mark Ruffalo in Thor: Ragnarok

Every Thor: Ragnarok Easter Egg

Thor: Ragnarok is absolutely jam-packed full of Easter Eggs for both Thor and Hulk.  I caught a lot of them, but nowhere near as many as Screencrush did and they’ve created the comprehensive guide to secrets in Ragnarok.  So, obviously, SPOILER WARNING, and go try to pick them out of the film yourself a few times before giving this a go and seeing how many of the 29 you can find.
Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok

4 thoughts on “Every Thor: Ragnarok Easter Egg”

  1. Best. MCU. Movie. Ever. It has no equal in my mind. Even in those trailers, I thought I was just watching the marketing people, putting the film’s best foot forward. This was a rare film that actually delivered what it promised, and more. I was totally, utterly unprepared for the wackiness and trippy imagrey that washed over me a few hours ago, the wonderful character dynamics, and, to be quite honest, the fact that all the humor actually worked. Because I have to say, James Gunn tries way too hard. This director does not. The humor all felt like it flowed organically, and it was balanced almost miraculously well with the weight of the central conflict. Even Goldblum, as funny as he was, was an extremely evil and dangerous Grandmaster. Also it had not occurred to me that so little would take place on Earth. (And even on boring Earth, all the time is spent with Hopkins’ Odin and Doctor Strange, and the Strange part is a highlight of the movie. How perfect is that scene?)

    I really feel like I was just transported somewhere, and although there’s a lot of mortal danger in that part of the galaxy, it’s a fascinating place and I want to go there to live, ASAP. It helps that one of the planets is like a humongous 1980’s video arcade, because those places still haunt my dreams of childhood, or maybe the ghost of my childhood self haunts those places, whatever they’ve become. I thought the Willy Wonka stuff was too on the nose (whenever an old film is referenced so directly, it takes me out of the film I’m watching, and actually using “Pure Imagination” was too direct) but Goldblum is officially the best MCU villain to date, hands down, other than Loki. My only big complaint is that Blanchett was wasted. Hela was beyond boring and bland. She looked cool, but was like Cruella DeVil, sans charisma. I assume this was not Blanchett’s fault, but I was really disappointed. I don’t understand how this keeps happening with the MCU, over and over.

    But this is a superhero action movie, a character driven comedy, and a space opera, all at the same time, and it works through whichever genre-prism you choose to watch it. This is the first time I have ever truly enjoyed Thor without reservations, in any medium. And it’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed the Hulk. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun watching a big tentpole movie. I can’t remember the last time I just sat back and did not feel an impulse to poke any holes in one. I guess the last time was Rogue One. It’s getting harder and harder for these big films to really impress me, but genuine love and imagination went into this latest Thor, and it’s one of the best superhero films of all time. The Hulk does not need his own films BTW, I realized when watching this film that he probably works best in smaller doses. It’s wrong that Ruffalo never got his chance to really shine, but there are a lot of characters to juggle, and even without the legal hand-tying there were always other characters who were more suited to solo outings.

    (Maybe I’m rationalizing, but I might as well, because the Hulk ship will have sailed soon.)

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