Gwendoline Christie in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 – 80 HD Screenshots and Breakdown

So how many times have you watched it?  I’m up to over a dozen viewings of The Last Jedi trailer, and I’ll be honest, my inner 10-year-old kept me up all night running through shots, amazingly cool things, HUGE questions, etc.  The wait was clearly worth it for the trailer, and I have no doubt it will for The Last Jedi proper.  OK, so we’ve watched it to death.  What are the big takeaways?

  • There’s going to be a duality of training: Snoke finally refining Kylo Ren’s power, and Luke initially appearing to agree to train Rey (remember this film will pick up exactly where Episode VII left off).
  • Luke realizes the full potential Rey has and completely freaks out.  It would seem that, at this point, he will stop her training.

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Not content at patricide, Kylo looks to be severing any connection left to the light, and the implication from the trailer is that he will hunt down and kill his mother.  We know, due to Carrie Fisher’s tragic death, that Leia’s storyline will finish in this film…things aren’t looking good for Leia (whose own storyline for the film wasn’t even touched on as was barely those for Poe, Finn, and Chewie).
  • Crait (the salt flat planet introduced in the last trailer) looks like it will be the scene of an epic battle on the surface, inside the planet (I’m assuming the Falcon is racing through Crait’s interior, but that’s pure speculation as is that the immense space battle is taking place above the mining planet), and over it.  What makes Crait so special?  I’m betting that’s the convergence of Leia, Poe, and Finn’s stories.

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • The convergence of Kylo & Rey’s seems to indicate that Rey, frustrated by Luke’s refusal and with nowhere to turn, takes Ren up on his offer to teach her from Episode VII.  This could be a red herring, but Rey is going to end up in front of Snoke somehow.  Could it be the BIG GIANT TWIST is that Rey is going to join Ren and Snoke?  No, I don’t think so either, but it’s there for us to angst over for two months.
  • One more note: no duel featured in the trailer.  All lightsaber use is in training.  All episodic Star Wars films have a duel, and this will too, but with the interactions between Luke, Rey, Kylo, Snoke…who will be fighting who seems totally up in the air.
  • Rian Johnson seems to have put together a massive blend of action and character-driven drama, and I think we can pretend to know all we want, we’re still going to be surprised.  Now let’s dig deeeeeep.

The first part of the trailer features a voiceover from Snoke praising Kylo Ren, who is clearly becoming a bigger deal in The First Order and refining the raw power we saw in Episode VII.
$ (1)
These are The First Order’s Heavy Assault Walkers or “Gorilla Walkers.  They were barely glimpsed in the first trailer on Crait.  For reference, they are twice as tall and twice as wide as the AT-ATs we saw in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

$ (2)$ (3)

$ (4)
These shots finish up Snoke’s pep talk to to Kylo.  The shot of him leading what appear to be elite First Order troops could be on the island, Crait, Snoke’s lair….tough to say, but it mirrors the shot George Lucas took of Anakin leading Clone Troopers into the Jedi Temple in Episode III so maybe this is their assault on the island, which Kylo did claim to have seen in Rey’s mind last film.

$ (5)$ (6)$ (7)$ (8)$ (9)

$ (10)
Luke is clearly not happy to see Rey, nor does he appear to recognize her.  Whether this kiboshes hopes he’s her daughter, we’ll have to see.  Skywalkers aren’t great parents so…y’know.  She did climb all those stairs though, so it looks like at this point Luke is reluctantly going to train her.

$ (11)$ (12)

$ (13)
Stick a pin in this sequence.  I think this is the interior of the island and where Luke found out whatever turned him into super hermit.  They apparently have to travel underwater to get here, and there’s more of that sequence spliced in later on in the trailer.

$ (14)$ (15)$ (16)$ (17)$ (18)$ (19)

$ (20)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH aaaand Luke wigs out.  Right after Rey gives this whole heartfelt monologue about always knowing there was something about her, she cracks open the island and sends Luke down a PTSD rabbit hole.

$ (21)$ (22)

$ (23)
Luke explains that he only saw raw power like that once before (Ben Solo) and it didn’t scare him, but it sure does now, which sends us back into a series of more detailed images of the destruction of Luke’s academy that we saw in Rey’s Force dream in Episode VII.  I think now we’re going to get the full story on what went wrong with Kylo, The Knights of Ren, and the greatest failure of Luke’s life.  At least MORE details…..from a certain point of view.

$ (24)$ (25)

$ (26)
And I’m out (mic drop)!
$ (27)
Were this a musical, I would expect Rey to break into song here, but it would be stupid to have a musical number in a Star Wars film (viciously repressing Jedi Rocks from my bitter memory)

$ (28)$ (29)$ (30)

$ (31)
This is a really interesting sequence.  One of the big shocks from the first trailer was the destruction of the faux Vader helmet, and speculation as to how that happened.  Here we see Kylo doing it himself in one of his “anger management” moments.  Why turn his back on grandfather’s legacy?  Did someone find out Anakin turned back to the light at the end?  That might make a certain someone go sans helmet.

$ (32)$ (33)$ (34)$ (35)$ (36)$ (37)$ (38)$ (39)$ (40)$ (41)$ (42)$ (43)$ (44)

$ (45)
No, I do not know what the deal is with the shmutz on Kylo’s face.  This sequence implies strongly that he’s going to clip his last parental string and kill Leia.  Kylo has a new ship for The Last Jedi, and he’s clearly got the Solo/Skywalker piloting skills.  The calm, conversational way he’s talking about the past and how you have to cut ties, even if you have to KILL IT, makes me think this is a conversation with Rey later.  It may be part of his pitch to take her to Snoke.  Things…do not look good for Leia.  Well, we knew it probably wasn’t going to go well given the real world circumstances, but this ending for her, knowing her arc HAS to be wrapped up in this film seems like the only logical ending, and that would make Kylo completely irredeemable.

$ (46)$ (47)$ (48)

$ (49)
Is it me or is Chewie looking a little CGI.  This is a porg; they live on the island.  Apparently at least one hitchhikes aboard the Falcon for this dogfight in what looks like a mineral cave, which makes me think it is the interior of Crait (I’m making this stuff up through guessing, people).

$ (50)$ (51)$ (52)$ (53)$ (54)$ (55)$ (56)

$ (57)
Oh hey, yeah, there are other characters in this film.  Poe and Finn seem to be working with Leia on how to take down The First Order, Poe saying in this sequence they’ve found a spark that will ignite The First Order’s doom.  You couldn’t give everyone the time they deserved and this was clearly a Luke/Kylo/Rey centric trailer.

$ (58)$ (59)$ (60)

$ (61)
I knew they were setting up Finn and Phasma to be archenemies (stick a gal in a trash compactor that’ll happen).  Finn seems to have fashioned a weapon that’s a cross between a lightsaber and the riot baton that “Nines” challenged him with in Episode VII and I LOOOOOVE it.  This shot of Phasma may be the best still from the whole trailer and we don’t know anything other than its cool.  I’m cool with that.

$ (62)

$ (63)
BB-8 is here.  relax.  They didn’t show EVIL BB-8.  Oh yes.  There’s one.  I saw the toy.
$ (64)
“This is not going to go the way you think!”  I believe he’s saying that to Rey when they’re in the island’s center and the trailer gets back to it in a few frames.  Is she looking for what Luke found?  Is there something similar to the cave on Dagobah Luke is trying to warn her about they way Yoda did him, or is he responding to her intention to seek out Kylo Ren?  Mark Hamill’s acting is so much better than it was in the OT.  I think he’s going to blow us away.  Despite what we see of him in this trailer, I think there’s so much more because he’s the titular character and it is his visage that is looming over everyone on the poster for the film.
$ (65)
So Crait has fluff jackals?  Not judging.  This shot….I have no explanation.  It’s a fluff jackal.

$ (66)

$ (67)
Lending credence to my thought that the ultimate battle is going to be above, on, and inside of Crait is Leia’s presence.  Whether this is before or after the footage of Kylo going after her, depends on a whole lot of things.  I love the duster she’s rocking though.

$ (68)$ (69)

$ (70)
The finish of our look into the underwater/cavern sequence.  Rey still is in training garb so I that leads me to think this is the heart of the island.
$ (71)
Aaaaangry Finn.

TLJ$ (73)

$ (74)
The battle on Crait is going to be amazing.  I think it may even outdo Hoth for the best land battle in a Star Wars film.  The color red is integral to the marketing and the posters, and I wonder about the symbolism of that.  Here we see red again kicked up when the speeders carve into the flats of Crait’s plains.
$ (75)
So Snoke is not 80 feet tall, he just likes to overcompensate holographically.  Is Snoke just a new threat or is he someone from the past and THAT is our big secret, either way…..
$ (76)
At some point he meets Rey in this film.  Either because she is convinced to go to see him by Kylo, or because, in a parallel with Empire she goes to take him on without having the skill as Luke did Vader.  I doubt the latter given her seeming desperation to have someone train her.  I think she’ll go there willingly, realize she made a huge mistake, and her going is what will pull Luke off of the island to aid her.

$ (77)$ (78)

$ (79)
Last time they left us with “It’s time for the Jedi….to end.”  This time they make it look like Rey will be asking Kylo Ren to teach her since no one else will.  Is this a red herring?  Star Wars trailers aren’t known for being tricky, but they also don’t normally hand out huge spoilers.  Given that all the cast has been allowed to say for the last year is that the film contains the biggest jaw-dropper in the history of the Saga, I doubt they’d put it in a trailer, and honestly, this still doesn’t top “Luke, I am your father.”  If they really are topping that…we’ll have to wait until December.

$ (80)

These posters are just works of art.  Every one of the eight (even for Episodes I and II are just gorgeous.  This will soon be on my wall.  Amazon has annoyingly not stocked it yet.  OK, gang, that’s my scrupulous look at Star Wars Episode VIII’s second trailer.  What do you think?  Give me your theories.  Pour forth your geeky little brains into the comment trough, and…..May the Force be with You!
Star Wars The Last Jedi Poster

12 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 – 80 HD Screenshots and Breakdown”

  1. I wish I knew what the plan originally was for Leia in episode 9. Because if Ren tried to kill her, i do not think she would stand there and take it like Han did. A final scene between Leia and Ren would look very different, and unless it was actually shot, I cannot imagine a patch job. My hope is that Leia dies (I don’t want it, it would be devestating, but you get what I mean) and that it was the plan from the start, and all the talk that suggested otherwise was just misdirection designed to hide the fact that she dies. Death is the only way she gets a real sendoff at this point.

    I am sure the island will be stormed. Put the first Jedi temple in a movie with a dark side user who wants to eradicate the Jedi, and his own past, for personal reasons, and throw in the very last Jedi, who is trying to keep the temple a secret, and there is no way around it.

    I think the cliffhanger might be that Rey appears to give herself over to the dark side to be trained. I know, I am giving a lot of credit to everyone involved.

    Please no CGI Chewie. He really looks like it, but I think it’s just a new mask design with a more articulated mouth.

    May the force be with you, and with the world! I know it’s with me today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting if Rey learned that Luke was her father, and it drove her to the dark side. Also interesting that Ren’s mission is to kill his parents, given Luke’s mission to kill Vader in ROTJ, and his reluctance to carry it out. This is Lucas’s musical filmmaking right here.

    Every twist in sw thus far, large and small, has revolved around duality. Vader is Anakin, the bounty hunter is Leia in disguise, Leia is Luke’s sister, Padme is Amidala, Sidious is Palpatine. The silly swamp creature is wise Yoda. No gurentee the pattern will continue, but it is what I will be looking for as I watch Last Jedi.

    The BB8 and evil BB8 toys are amazingly cool. I went into an Apple store to try them out. The heads tend to get knocked off when they bump into things, but otherwise I wish I was a kid so I could justify purchasing one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh gosh you do work fast. Yikes, I wish I had your level of motivation. And storage space for photos.

    I think it’s pretty likely that Leia will die. And if it turns out that it is Kylo who kills her, well…I’ll applaud the directors for being able to create one of the most hatable characters in movie history. But I do wonder what the original plan for her was.

    I don’t even want to try to guess what the twist is. I’ve been trying, but nothing tops the Empire Strikes Back. I mean, that’s a twist EVERYONE knows (I half think it’s a subconscious knowledge at this point). My concern is that they’re putting SO much pressure on this twist, so I’m hoping it’s good, and hopefully as shocking as they say it’ll be. I highly doubt they’d include such a big hint about it in the trailer though. That doesn’t seem to be good planning.

    And there’s an evil BB-8? What…why didn’t I know about this sooner? 😱

    I also agree that Mark Hamill’s acting seems to have improved. My mom and I were talking about how poor his acting skills were in the OT just a few days ago, and that he was actually a really good voice actor (imagine my shock when I found out the guy who voiced the Joker from Batman and Muska from Castle in the Sky was played by the guy who played Luke Skywalker).


  4. Dave I talked to some non fans over the course of the past few days. All think the trailer looks cool, none of them have the slightest idea what the hell is going on in it. They will go because the last few films engendered goodwill, but this trailer has not helped them along. I know SW and BR are apples and oranges, but maybe shrouding a film’s plot in secrecy is not a great idea when the film depends on knowledge of a complicated mythology from previous films. I know it’s wonderful for us fans, but the rest of the world is trying to decide whether to see the film.


    1. Honestly, they’re not and it has nothing to do with BR. Its Star Wars, they’ll go. I talk to a lot of people SW fans and not and I have not heard one bad word. No one cares if they like SW or have kids because they’re going and the non hardcore know something special is happening and good reviews will cement them. TLJ will easily be the highest grossing film of 2017. It’s Han Solo that I think is going to be a box office disaster. Srop worrying about TLJ.


      1. Oh, it’s not that I’m worried. And to be clear, I have not heard negativity, only confusion. I’m just becoming less and less enamored with secrecy a marketing strategy, because the ephemeral masterpeice people vaguely create in thier minds is almost always going to trump reality. TLJ is looking great, but remember that buzz has a way of being ephemeral (I like that word) when the film has not been widely seen yet. Of course this is going to be the biggest film of the year, but even if it is only the tiniest little bit disappointing, it becomes “yet another disappointing film,” and I don’t want SW to have that connotation in people’s minds. Marketers should lay all thier cards on the table, and also promise fun times, or amazing visual feasts, not the sun and the moon. Secrecy creates too much of a buildup. The mere fact that it is SW creates enough buildup on its own. Again, I am not prophesying failure, or anything other than a fantastic movie, but I think the studios are stuck in a mindset from five or ten years ago, and do not realize that audiences are getting burned out. We have seen everything CGI can do. Show us where your captivating plot is headed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Again I disagree. Everything is spoiled in trailers. I know Rian Johnson can write and I want to eall into a theater for once without knowing 80 percent of the plot. Saw BR again last night. Stand by my 10.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Dave just so you know I am not trying to be a contrarian. I love SW with all my being and this trailer makes me overflow with joy. My concerns come from the heart. I have been genuinely burned a few too many times, and much more importantly I have watched some people I care about all but turn away from this medium in recent years. Also BR is not one of the burns, it threw me for a serious loop but I think I will enjoy the second viewing more and I am sorry that there will probobly not be a sequel.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I took my brother to the second one and he’d never seen the first and he absolutely loved it and was able to follow it just fine (he missed out on some of the nods, but otherwise loved it).


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