Emma Watson, Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & The Beast Official Poster and More Stills Released

Emma Watson, Belle, Beauty & the Beast

Before this year’s Jungle Book, I was of the opinion that the Disney live action remakes of their animated catalog was a money grab.  The live action film division of Disney is the last bastion of the hucksterism that drove that company for the longest time.  Bombs like the Pirate sequels, The Lone Ranger, and Tomorrowland have continued to come forth from its depths while the rest of the company has become synonymous with quality.  Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, and the resurrected animation department have made the studio the best in Hollywood, and now, after being utterly dumbfounded by how good The Jungle Book was, I look upon next year’s Beauty & the Beast as one of the first films of 2017 that is absolutely must-see.  Disney has released more stills showing the Beast, Gaston, more of Emma Watson as Belle, and while I think the Beast looks a little dodgy….I’m so in.  You’ve probably already seen the teaser a million times, but I don’t know if you’ve realized that it is shot-for-shot a remake of the teaser for the 1991 animated film.  Seeing them side-by-side and hearing Alan Menken’s haunting piano theme begin to play, you sense that this is going to be as special as our visit to the jungle was this year.  Check out the new pictures and this comparison trailer.  Beauty & the Beast will release March 17, 2017.


Belle (Emma Watson) in the West Wing of the Beast's castle in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio's animated classic directed by Bill Condon which brings the story and characters audiences know and love to life.

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio's classic animated film.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast





Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson, Belle, Beast



One thought on “Beauty & The Beast Official Poster and More Stills Released”

  1. I did NOT realize that about the trailers!

    I don’t think the Beast looks dodgy at all. He looks to me like a cross between the Beast in the animated movie, and the one from Cocteau’s version from the 1940’s. I was never the biggest fan of the Beast’s design in the Disney original. He looked too much like a buffalo. This new one has some lion thrown in, and it’s actually more like what I used to imagine when I read the fairy tale as a kid. Somehow he has more dignity in these images. I get that some people don’t like that CGI was used, but that’s the world we live in, and I’ve long since accepted it.

    On the other hand I absolutely LOVE the look of the living objects. I’m so glad they were allowed to go off in their own directions, without being bound to the original designs. Cogsworth and Lumiere could almost be out of a Guillermo Del Toro movie, and Mrs. Potts is cute.

    I hope they handle Gaston right, because to my mind he’s always been the most convincing Disney psychopath, besides Uncle Scar.

    Of course I hear that Belle is going to be the inventor now, instead of her father (poor Maurice will be borderline crazy, obsessed with making music boxes). I say why not? Give girls something to hang onto, other than finding a prince. Being a voracious reader seems more prosaic than it did when the animated one first came out.


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