Trailer Time: LEGO Batman Trailer #4 *It’s Good to Be Batman*

Will Arnett is my fourth favorite Batman of all-time, in any genre (Christian Bale, Kevin Conroy, Michael Keaton precede).  His Batman in The LEGO Movie managed to completely mock the character, but stay absolutely true to his core (albeit from a fractured viewpoint).  I definitely think an entire movie of this is warranted, and the trailers have left me in stitches.  Joining Arnett will be Michael Cera (Robin), Rosario Dawson (Batgirl), Zach Galifanakis (The Joker), and Ralph Fiennes (Alfred).  The LEGO Batman Movie is slated for a February 10, 2017, release.

The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman, Bruce Wayne

4 thoughts on “Trailer Time: LEGO Batman Trailer #4 *It’s Good to Be Batman*”

  1. Is that Polka-Dot Man standing behind Joker? They included POLKA-DOT MAN?

    My joy is limitless.

    This looks to be like a really affectionate satire. It looks like it’s true to the material, and steeped in the material. Not like the Adam West show, which (and I’m really being a Batman snob here) showed a total disrespect for the character (although of course I grew up on the reruns and it’s a lot of fun).

    LEGOS make everything better. At the very least they will make this movie better than whatever it is they’re doing over in DCEU Land. I’m expecting great things.


      1. Guess you’re not interested in Return of the Caped Crusaders then.

        I’m a Penguin fan, and Burgess Meredith breaks me up. If the old show had done lasting damage to the brand, that would have been unforgivable, but a few decades later Tim Burton came along and righted everything in the public consciousness.


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