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My Favorite Scene: The Jungle Book (1967) “The Bare Necessities”

The animated version of Disney’s The Jungle Book has about as much to do with Kipling’s two Jungle Book novels (oh, yes, there are two) as Disney’s Robin Hood has to do with that particular legend.  Both star Phil Harris as the exact same bear so who knows?  I’ve always loved the movie.  It was my wife’s favorite of the animated classics, so I’m a little bummed I can’t take her this weekend to the live-action version, which is getting incredible reviews.  But when I hear this song, one of my favorites from Disney’s canon, I think of her and smile.


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: The Jungle Book (1967) “The Bare Necessities””

  1. Dave, I’m sorry I’ve been so derisive about this movie. I didn’t realize how much it meant to you. Just for the record, Baloo is, was, and always will be, the greatest.


    1. Oh, no, man, everyone has their favorites and what’s one person’s doesn’t have to be everyone’s. My wife would be the first to say that after she threw a pillow at your head lol. Looks like we’ve got a classic coming our way so nothing but good times, brother. I do love how the same bear voiced by Phil Harris just shows up in multiple movies in this era, like he’s an actor lol.


  2. I’ve only seen that Robin Hood movie once, back when I was very young, and even then I knew it was… unfortunate. But at least the filmmakers weren’t simultaneously bored and on crack, like the makers of the version with Kevin Costner. I had actually forgotten it was the same Bear in the Disney film. Little John, right?


      1. It occurs to me that there hasn’t been a good Robin Hood movie since Errol Flynn. And it’s a story that’s crying out for a really good modern film treatment. Not a sequel, not a prequel, not a remimagining. Not a spin on the story, where we learn what the “true” events behind the legend would have been like, if they had happened. Just. Tell. The. Story.

        Instead, Disney just announced that they’re doing Peter Pan in live action (I still can’t believe it) and Warren Beatty is mulling a Dick Tracy sequel. I’m not a Beatty fan, to the point where I think that Dick Tracy might be his best work, but I think the first once closed the book on everything interesting that could be said about Dick Tracy.


      2. OK. Yes, we need a good Robin Hood. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves did give us one of the best bad movies of all time with Morgan Freeman’s Azeem and Alan Rickman’s ludicrous Sheriff. I did something bad. I watched Pan. You were so right to warn me off of it. I’ve never been so dumbfounded….holy crap. I need to write a review that encompasses a lot of 2015 movies I saw during a back injury so that will be in there and it will be the first 0 I’ve ever handed out.


      3. After the past year and 3 months, I think the people at WB need to close up shop for a little bit, and take a vacation. Just get their minds off of movies for a while so that they can clear their heads and think straight again. They owe it to themselves. Their studio has a long and storied history of greatness. But at the moment, they’ve checked out completely.

        I recommend the Cycladic Islands.


      1. I saw your link and was delighted….I tend not to have the energy to read posts throughout the week once my work day is done. And, by the time the weekend comes, I am happy to catch up a bit. However, I follow so many that many get lost in the shuffle–you made it easy to find you. You are memorable and your blog is wonderfully unique. I will make a point of looking for you in particular. 🙂

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