POLL RESULTS: Best New Character from Episode VII is….

After the largest turnout for any poll in the history of the site (way to go people!), the Killing Time Community’s pick for the best new character from Star Wars Episode VII is Rey (Daisy Ridley).  There were really no wrong answers here.  Episode VII gave us a wealth of new characters to add to the Star Wars lexicon and even Max von Sydow’s Lor San Tekka (and his one scene) got him a vote or two. Continue reading POLL RESULTS: Best New Character from Episode VII is….

My Favorite Scene: Kung Fu Panda (2008) “Po’s Dream/Intro”

Kung Fu Panda was a film that had to overcome a WHOLE lot with me.  First….I thought the concept was stupid.  Second, the trailer made the entire film look stupid.  Then reviews started rolling in; really positive reviews, but I still didn’t see it in the theater.  I did give it a chance at home though, and within the first 2:16, I was on-board.  Po’s Dream sequence is over-the-top stupid funny, kung fu awesomeness with enough tongue-in-cheek that it wiped my preconceptions and I genuinely liked the first film very much.  I thought the second was lazy and piggy-backed off the first, but the early reviews for the third installment, really the fist 2016 release of any note, are very positive.  Should my area thaw by the time it release this weekend, I may even go see it……or Star Wars again.

Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black