Site Note: Killing Time’s 3rd Anniversary!


Like most people on the East Coast, I have spent the last few days watching the entirety of winter be dumped on us in one weekend. I resolved to try to spend some of that time catching up on 2015 movie reviews that I’ve missed, but problems with my primary laptop (or THE ONE WITH ALL MY FILES) made posting problematic. I hope to get Laptop #1 going again so I can post reviews on the films I’m catching up on, but I must wish the blog a happy bloggiversary (not a word; should be). Killing Time was established three years ago today as a project to keep myself busy during the worst period of my life. I never imagined it would still be going three years, 2600 plus posts and 5k followers later. I’m extraordinarily grateful for the friends I’ve made in writing this blog, and for the shared community of time killers that have gathered together along the way. Whether you read this on the main page, Facebook, or any one of the other umpteen social platforms to which it is affixed, thanks for indulging me and we’ll get back to real posts soon!