Sandrah Oh, Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo, Christina Yang

My Favorite Scene: Grey’s Anatomy Season One “The Nazi’s 5 Rules”

Grey’s Anatomy will run forever and will end up destroying everyone on the show, but for some reason I can’t quit it.  It dipped in quality in the middle for a season or two, but then got annoyingly good again, but for me the first three seasons will always be my favorite when Meredith, Alex, George, Christina and Izzy were starting out, especially when they were interns under Bailey.  Yes, the show is soap opery, blah blah, whatever.  Most of the time it’s extremely well-written, funny as hell and can even make me cry sometimes (SOMETIMES).  My favorite scene from the first season is right up front: the interns meet “The Nazi” and Bailey dictates the five rules that will dominate their next year.

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