300: Rise of an Empire IMAX Poster

Just because it’s Oscar Week and KT usually turns its focus to the upcoming show, I can’t bear to tackle it on a Monday so here’s a picture of Greeks about to die! 300: Stout Wooden Ships opens in 10 days.
300 Rise of an Empire

3 thoughts on “300: Rise of an Empire IMAX Poster”

  1. I wish this movie had been about the battle of Salamis. Still, I love the first one so much that I can’t really look away, and I’ve chosen to be optimistic. I love movies where the good guys fight tooth and nail (nothing irks me so much as when a seemingly ruthless hero turns into Father Knows Best midway through a movie). I do question whether audiences will show up once they figure out that Xerxes is the central character, but from the trailers it really does look like the filmmakers recreated the first film’s aesthetic. And the premise sounds refreshingly ambitious. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


    1. I want it to be good. I really do. I was called “Xerxes” at first and it was going to be based off a new Frank Miller graphic novel, but Frank Miller makes George RR Martin look like Stephen King (literary jokes…ah) and five years later; no graphic novel. In light of that, I’m not sure, how strong the narrative structure will be. It looks like Eva Green vs. Sullvian Stapleton with Xerxes and Gorgo hovering in the background of each side. I’m undeniably curious and the reviews won’t mean much to me because they were split right down the middle for the first film (any Snyder film really except Sucker Punch).


      1. I wish Miller had written his sequel. His work seems to translate to the screen unusually well. I am not a particular fan of Sin City, but say what you will, that movie REALLY captured the source material.
        Snyder clearly knows how to make a movie—he made 300, after all, and Man of Steel, which I adore. I can overlook Sucker Punch, because all the great directors have at least one film as bad as that. But Snyder dropped the ball with Watchmen. To this day I can’t exactly articulate what was so wrong with that movie, but even the extended cut does not work at all. Given my devotion to the source material, it might have been the most disappointing movie of my life. The fact that it was so faithful to the book made it even worse.


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