It’s Good to Be Bad in the 80’s Art by Daniel Mead

its good to be in the 80s by daniel mead


Megatron, Cobra Commander, Shredder, Skeletor, Vader….these were the best baddies when I was a kid and they still are to a large extent.  Sometimes I run across a piece of art and it just makes me smile, so my thanks to the artist, Daniel Mead, for giving me a big one.

7 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be Bad in the 80’s Art by Daniel Mead”

  1. Stand firm, guys. There is strength in numbers. So far Hollywood has attempted to destroy the two of you on the far left, but they did not succeed, because you are some the greatest villains of all time and nothing will ever take that away. I suspect that you will be next, Skelletor and Shredder. Keep your eyes open.


      1. These old properties from the 80’s were not complicated. They had instantly-recognizable characters with easly-analyzed appeal and perfectly-defined relationships. Why is it so hard for modern filmmakers to make sense of something as simple as GI Joe or Transformers? I am not a kid anymore, and to be perfectly honest I would not have cared if a Transformers movie had never been made. But if they ARE going to make it, and with access to Peter Cullen, I want the film to be about Optimus Prime. I want Starscream to have an actual personality. I want him to try and usurp Megatron. I don’t want Shia LeBeuf’s mother to accidentally ingest cannabis in a five-minute long comic sequence.
        It would be nice if these movies kindled happy memories of my childhood. That’s all. There was an opportunity, and it was missed. I can live with it, but it would have been kind of cool if things had been different.


      2. Speaking of Hollywood getting cherished stories wrong, are you following the brouhaha surrounding Arnofsy’s Noah? Paramount is acting awfully touchy. It’s like I’ve been saying: Noah might end up being an incredible movie (I would pay to see Arnofsky make ANY story on a budget of 125 million), but Paramount is right to be on edge because the film has no target audience. Mark my words.


  2. I lived GI Joe when I was a kid and thoroughly hate both movies especially 2 so disappointed. Blaylock was right years ago when he bought the rights from Hasbro and said he would never make a movie. He thought no one would be happy with it.


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