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Trailer Time: 24 Live Another Day Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

JACK IS BACK!  And none too soon, it seems, because my plea that people stop blowing up London has gone callously unheeded by evil doers.  That’s cool.  You picked the wrong guy to mess with.  Even Grandpa Jack coming out of retirement is willing to do literally whatever it takes up to and including flaying you with a desert spoon to extract the information he needs.  24: Live Another Day will return to FOX on May 5, 2014.  The “mini-series” will be 12 episodes, so I don’t know if we’re doing 2 hours an episode or if we’re only doing 12 hours….and really only we would care, so we’ll just wait and find out.

5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: 24 Live Another Day Super Bowl Trailer (2014)”

  1. I blame V for Vendetta for the trend of blowing up London. London had been blown up many times before in many other movies, but at the end of V for Vendetta it was blown up for absolutely no reason. V had already accomplished what he wanted to accomplish. What point was there to blowing up the Parliament building, which, if anything, is a symbol of democracy? It’s my only qualm. I love the movie. But still.


    1. Ack! V wasn’t for democracy! He was an anarchist! The entire point of his revolution was anti-government, not pro-democracy. That’s why he blew up parliament. He wore a Guy Fawkes mask who was hung for trying to blow up parliament! He did not like parliament is what I’m saying here. That one made sense. The six individual times it got blown up in movies last year alone, seemed a bit excessive for London when there are other perfectly good cities to blow up all over the place. (I’m not naming any of them because I have followers in a lot of them and I do not actually want, you know what, don’t blow up cities. Just don’t do that!)


      1. I understand the Guy Fawkes connection, my point is that he had already rallied everyone to his cause. The graphic novel handled it better… correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Parliament get blown up at the beginning of the book, and not at the end?


      2. The Old Bailey goes at the beginning. Parliament at the end in the film. In the graphic novel he does blow parliament at the beginning but he takes the same journey at the end he just blows up 10 Downing. I think the statement is pretty antigovernment in both.


      3. OK. I remember now. It’s been a long time since I read it. I suppose if V hadn’t gone through with what he said he was going to do, he would have lost credibility, and the power of his message would have been diminished. Also, the film would have ended with an anticlimax.


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