Trailer Time: The Monuments Ment Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

I finished reading The Monuments Men a few weeks ago and a few things have me worried going into the film that I thought was an absolute lock to be an early year hit.  First, despite the lack of faith I’m beginning to have in it, the film is currently at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Second, from what I’ve seen of the trailers, the film is-by necessity-historically inaccurate (I’ll get into that when I review it).  Third, only George Clooney’s character bears the name of one of the actual Monuments Men.  The others are made-up characters or composites of several men.  None of these damns the film, they just have me a little worried.  Here’s the Super Bowl trailer for the film as well as a bonus clip, because I know by the time it airs, Broncos fans will be deep into their 12-pack and need something to cheer them up.  The Monuments Men opens Friday, February 8, 2014.

The Monuments Men, Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Goodman, Bill Murray

7 thoughts on “Trailer Time: The Monuments Ment Super Bowl Trailer (2014)”

  1. I was hoping to see this movie at Oscar season but they just had to push it. I do hope for a good movie because of the cast and the book but if they did venture away from the book much I am afraid of the end result.


    1. Well the reason it was delayed was solely because George Clooney felt he couldn’t get it done in time (probably because of all the press stuff he had to do for Gravity) to meet his standards by release date so he asked the studio to move it back, which the studio didn’t really want to do since when the year began, The Monuments Men was the betting favorite in Vegas for Best Picture. But Clooney’s got clout and he wanted a picture he could be proud of, so I’m hoping the early mixed reviews are going to start going George’s way. I’ve really admired how he’s grown his craft over the last two decade.


      1. Yeah I was aware of the reasons why it got delayed, and I do think they should’ve done better with it. Clooney has grown as an actor , especially when you look at his early work in the E.R. One of my favorites is “The American”. I’m not sure excatly why but I liked the mystery around it and the way Clooney presented his character. Nonetheless I’m looking forward what he has in store for us this time!


      2. Remember when his acting style consisted of “smile…nod….head-bob…smile….head-bob…smile…(repeat)”? We’re a loooong way from that. The most obvious break from history that I can glean from the trailers is that The Monuments Men did not travel around together like an artistic Dirty Dozen. They were spread out all over the war, one per army if they were lucky to get one in there. While they kept in touch by correspondence, most wouldn’t have known each other if they literally bumped into one another. Now, from a film standpoint, I can see why that doesn’t work. You can’t have your characters all over creation interacting with nothing but people who think they’re utterly mad for not wanting to blow up a building in their way. What does have me a little nervous is that only Clooney’s character has the real name of a Monuments Man. Cate Blanchett’s character is not a composite. One French woman essentially sat on the location of all the Nazi strongholds of art for years of occupation so…why is her name different? It may be nothing but usually the reason names are changed is the family won’t grant permission.


      3. Leaving my reply here because WordPress won’t allow me to post it to the bottom somehow!

        Anyhow, thanks for that insight! I’m persuaded now to go and pick up the book!

        Would be a good preparation before I see the movie I believe.

        You can never know why some names are changed and some stay the same. Why did they change the names of the people in American Hustle? Why did they leave the names in Wolf of Wall Street?

        But the weirdest possible detail is if they changed some names and some remained original. Will try to do a bit of research on that note, but thank you for pointing it out.


  2. Even Clooney’s misfires are classy misfires. The only exception is Intolerable Cruelty, but I get the feeling that he’ll always agree to work with the Coens when they call. Wouldn’t you?
    I’m unfamiliar with the actual events, but the Monuments Men looks quite good to me. It IS problematic when a film is advertised as being a true story even though the characters never existed. But I tend to view all movies as fiction. All good fiction contains truth, but if I want to know what actually happened I’ll read a biography or a book by a historian. And even then I’ll maintain a healthy skepticism.


    1. I’m still largely optimistic, but see my response to Reel Junkie as to some of my specific historic issues. I would add The Men Who Stare at Goats to the Clooney misfire list. That was such a good premise too! But so bad….oh so bad. The book The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel is fantastic if you want to pick it up.


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