POLL: What Was The Best Video Game of 2013?


It’s the end of the year, so that means here comes the “best of 2013” polls.  We’re going to try to accelerate the schedule and do them every three weeks, so that will give readers until January 17th before we post the official choice of the Killing Time Community for Best Video Game of 2013.  While there are still a lot of Oscar contenders trickling out into the theaters throughout January and February, the video game industry seems content to carpet bomb consumers with the entirety of their good products for the year in a six week period from October to Thanksgiving.I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really enjoy having good games in, say, July.  In my case, this year was odd because my two favorite games of the year: Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite came out nine months ago.  This was, as I’ve mentioned several times, a really poor year for big games as the companies focused instead on getting out new systems (oddly without having BIG launch games for any of them).

Xbox One

2014 looks much brighter with  actual next gen games like Destiny and Titanfall set to take gaming into a whole new realm.  Also, it would be nice if there were an RPG this year because this was the worst year EVER for my favorite genre.  The last few months I’ve been playing Lego Marvel Universe almost non-stop.  I’ve poured over fifty hours into the game and I’m only 33.4% finished.  If you’re a grown-up LEGO nerd like me and enjoy comics, this game is your nirvana.

PS4, Playstation 4, Sony

Vote your favorite game of the year either in this post or on the Killing Time home page, where this poll will migrate to in a day or so.  In three weeks, we’ll dissect the results and move on to crowning another media 2013 champion!

PS – If you really want to vote for one not listed, email me and I’ll add it instead of having an “other” category this time.

5 thoughts on “POLL: What Was The Best Video Game of 2013?”

    1. I have to admit that the Rockstar games that I’ve truly loved have not been from the GTA series. I thought Red Dead Redemption was fantastic and LA Noir one of the most underrated games of the the entire last console generation. I not only need to try GTA V; I need to go back and play GTA IV. The last game in the series I played was San Andreas and it did just not grab me at all, but I’ve heard so much positive buzz on IV and now V that I think I have to revisit them.


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