Reminder: Vote in Best Star Trek Film Poll

Just a quick reminder that there’s a little over a week left to vote in KT’s poll for this month: Best Star Trek Film.  You can vote by going to the main page and you’ll find the poll near the bottom of the first sidebar.  So vote away and we’ll go over the results next week and see what kind of dent Star Trek Into Darkness has made in the rankings.  Thanks for reading!

Star Trek First Contact, Picard, Data, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner

Darth Vader Hooch Dispenser

Darth Vader

Star Wars fan Chris Sachs has constructed a Darth Vader beer fridge/vodka dispenser and I would be remiss in my duty as a man, a geek and an admirer of fantastic ways to both dispense alcohol and kill time if I did not hail him.  Sir, you are a true Time Killer.  If we were budgeted to make little stabby clock trophies, he’d be getting one.