Killing Time – May 23, 2013

Killing Time

Xbox One backlash has now settled in on my weary gamer soul.  I’m going to be good.  I’m going to click my heels together and hope (wearing my Blue Lantern shirt, of course, because that’s how I roll) that I see something that makes me feel something other than Red Hulk-level rage when I look at that VCR trying to usurp my sleek and awesome 360.  At least achievements transfer.  My wife had padlocked the sharp objects until that news came through.  I have 88,000 imaginary accomplishments.  This is at least 87, 915 more than I have in real life in over a third of a century.  To me the math is clear: I need to keep playing more video games.

KT has continued to welcome new visitors from new countries this week bringing our total to 98.  I think Vatican City might be a tough get, but welcome to the visitors from Egypt, Macedonia, Armenia, The Isle of Man, Fiji and Panama who have slain time on the site for the first time this week.  Please keep coming back, and thank you for taking the time to stop by.

The Breaking Bad marathon of nine days and 46 episodes of meth distributing mayhem ended with me strung out at 5 a.m. on Saturday wondering what now.  The show is so unrelentingly tense.  I swear at the end of the fourth season, I thought the series was over.  I didn’t understand why we were going on for another two years and then….my mind exploded.  I can explain it no better than that if you haven’t seen it.

Moving right into another TV binge (I’m perilously close to running out of shows), I’ve started Parenthood and I really love it.  It’s the polar opposite of Breaking Bad.  It’s like detox.  It almost makes me want to get my whole family together and do family type things….and then I recall what happens when that happens and prefer to live vicariously through TV as per usual.  How did you do this week?

The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson
Marvel Comics by Sean Howe
And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

Blu Ray:
Star Trek: The Next Generation Movies Box Set
Primal Fear

The Daily Show with John Stewart
The Colbert Report
Breaking Bad Season Four
Scandal Season Two
Parenthood Season One

Song of the Week:  Star Trek: Into Darkness Score by Michael Giacchino

Video Game:
The Witcher II: Assassin of Kings
Borderlands 2 (Level 18 Gunzerker)
* XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave; feel free to friend me!

Thief of Thieves Vol. 2: Help Me by Robert Kirkman, James Asmus
Essential X-Men Volume 10 by Chris Claremont
Indestructible Hulk: Agent of SHIELD Vol. 1 by Mark Waid
The Unwritten Vol. 7: The Wound by Mike Carey

Man of Steel Photo Gallery 2

In addition to two new character posters (one for Supes and one for Zod), a mess of new photos released today from Man of Steel, which is now only three weeks away!  I’m going to pop a spoiler here and it’s not one of the ones that actually has me a little concerned, but I don’t want people to walk in and go WHAAAAT? However if you want a complete, spoiler-free experience of light and wonder, I will insert a random picture as a buffer before continuing:

Brief glimpse into a portion of Killing Time staff orientation session.
Brief glimpse into a portion of Killing Time staff orientation session.

So….where was I?  Ok, so there is no Jimmy Olsen.  Well there is, but it’s Jenny Olsen.  CALM DOWN!  None of you liked Jimmy.  Jimmy is unbelievably annoying.  He’s one of the ten most annoying characters in comics.  Aside from popping in with a “Jeepers”, explain to me what Jimmy Olsen has done in the entire history of Superman on film or TV?  Actually, I will say his portrayal in Superman Returns did not annoy me and that was miraculous.  This is a pretty common rumor.  It’s been out there for months.  If you watch the trailers, you’ll see a woman with black hair running beside Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White and smart money is, that’s her.  Honestly, what does it matter?  If Jenny manages to be as annoying as Jimmy then we’re par for the course and it’s just gender equality for annoying characters.  So….got that out of the way for y’all.  Who wants to see the pretty pictures?

Man of Steel, Superman, Henry Cavil Man of Steel, General Zod, Superman, Michael Shannon Man of Steel, Cooper Timberline, Superman, Clark Kent, Man of Steel, Dylan Sprayberry, Superman, Clark Kent, Man of Steel, Superman Man of Steel, Superman, Ayelet Zurer, Lara, Man of Steel, Superman, Henry Cavil Man of Steel, Superman, Perry White, Laurence Fishburne Man of Steel, Superman, Clark Kent, Krypton Man of Steel, Superman, Pa Kent, Clark Kent, Kevin Costner Man of Steel, Superman Man of Steel, Superman, Kent Farm Man of Steel, Superman, Clark Kent, Ma Kent Man of Steel, Superman, Clark Kent, Ma Kent, Henry Cavil, Diane Lane Man of Steel, Superman, General Zod, Michael Shannon Man of Steel, Superman, Harry Lennix Man of Steel, Superman, Dr. Emil Hamilton, Richard Schiff Man of Steel, Superman, Jor-El, Russell Crowe

Trailer Time: The Lone Ranger Trailer #4 (2013)

I want to not dread this.  I am looking for solid evidence that one of my favorite childhood heroes is not going to be Willy Wonka’d by Johnny Depp & Co.  I am still looking for that evidence through four trailers now.  This is just not my Lone Ranger.  When this opens on July 3rd, I’m going to be in another theater watching minions wreak havoc in Despicable Me 2.

The Lone Ranger, Tonto, Arnie Hammer, Johnny Depp