Killing Time – May 9, 2013

Killing Time

This is going to be short as many of my entries have been of late and I apologize for that.  Here are a few salient bits of wisdom for those of you who suffer from SBS (shitty back syndrome).  Do not lift things.  Do not lift heavy things.  Do not lift heavy things after you’ve already hurt yourself previously lifting heavy things.  Cry manfully.  That being said, the ice pack that I have used to prop myself up in front of the computer is beginning to graft itself to my lumbar region so quick entertainment summary then back to the prone position.  Curse you, region between neck and tush!

Quick note, I did want to thank all the new followers for following and assure them that there are normally more words.  We passed the 5,000 hit mark, which may not seem like a lot to seasoned bloggers, but my previous attempt petered out around 300 so I feel pretty awesome about that.  We had the 500th post Time Killer’s Award.  First time visitors this week also from Sri Lanka and The Cook Islands.  Welcome and grab a cleaver and your time keeping device of choice.

Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson
Instructions by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess
Maps & Legends by Michael Chabon

Blu Ray:
Star Trek Original Cast Movies Box Set (cont.)

The Daily Show with John Stewart
The Colbert Report
Parks & Recreation Season Five
Community Season Four
Breaking Bad Seasons One and Two
Scandal Season Two

Song of the Week:  “Where Does the Good Go?” by Teegan & Sara

Video Game:
The Witcher II: Assassin of Kings
Doritos Crash Course 2 (free game, actually pretty fun)
* XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave; feel free to friend me!

The Manhattan Projects Volumes 1-2 by Jonathan Hickman

24 to Return to FOX; Kiefer Sutherland in Talks to Bring Jack Back!

24, FOX, Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer, CTU

Ever since 24 ended its eight season run on FOX in 2010, there has been talk of a 24 movie, but that has died down. Now, it looks like 24 will be coming back as a mini-series and Kiefer Sutherland (who is starring in Touch at FOX still) is in talks to bring grandpa Jack Bauer back into action. That’s all there is now, but 24 is always entertaining even when it goes Kim vs. the Cougar off-the-rails.

Don Draper vs. Principal Skinner

Lol this is awesome….and may ruin Mad Men for me…


Friend and occasional TDYLF contributor Josh Katz recently pointed out an interesting fact about AMC’s smash hit, Mad Men. Specifically, Don Draper’s backstory is eerily similar to the story that The Simpsons writers created to flesh out Seymour Skinner’s backstory in “The Principal and the Pauper” episode. Just how similar are they? Find out after the jump.

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Incredible LEGO Helm’s Deep

If you are a longtime Killing Time reader, you know I love LEGOs.  LOVE THEM.  They get increasingly cooler as I age.  I’m somewhat resentful that when I was a child they were merely tiny blocks to get embedded in the rug like parental landmines.  Now they’re video games, movies, and some of the geekiest play sets ever conceived.  I repeat, if you donate a LEGO Death Star to the KT Home Office, I will name a column or award after you (stone cold serious…..but smiling because LEGOs are so doggone awesome)!  I have seen many awesome LEGO craftings.  This may be the most impressive.  Rich-K and Big J using 150,000 LEGO bricks and 1,700 minifigs recreated the fortress of Helm’s Deep in mid-siege.  Just behold these in wonder.  I salute you, gentlemen.  You are the stuff of LEGO legend.

lego-helms-deep-12 lego-helms-deep-11 lego-helms-deep-10 lego-helms-deep-9 lego-helms-deep-8 lego-helms-deep-7 lego-helms-deep-6 lego-helms-deep-5 lego-helms-deep-4 lego-helms-deep-3 lego-helms-deep-2 LEGO, Lord of the Rings, Helm's Deep