The Wolverine: Angry X-Man



Another photo from this summer’s The Wolverine.  Director James Mangold actually leaked this one which tells us nothing whatsoever but looks cool nonetheless.  I really want to see a trailer on this.  Apparently this is supposed to take place AFTER X-Men 3.  I’m a little foggy on how that works with the bone claws we’ve seen in previous stills, but it could be flashbacks.  There are some big movies this year that I have no fears about at all.  Desolation of Smaug, Star Trek, Elysium; no worries whatsoever.  Then there’s this.  I want so badly for it to be good, but not sure on it.

Killing Time – February 21, 2013

Even by my standards, I’ve had extra time in the night to kill lately.  I’ve been averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night, so that’s a lot of minutes to murder.  I’ve been so wowed by the hits on the site.  I honestly set out to do this just to keep myself in the discipline of writing daily once more, but to have some of the great feedback I’ve had has been fantastic.  Plus, as of this writing, KT has readers in 29 countries in just under a month.  That’s crazy!  Thank you all for dropping in and spending some time with me.  How did you blow off steam this week?  Let me know!

Books: Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone
                 Half-Safe by James Nestor
                 Halo: The Flood by William Dietz
                 The Letters of JRR Tolkien edited by Christopher Tolkien 
Blu Ray: The Big Bang Theory Season Four
                     Game of Thrones Season Two                    

Music:  This week has been a lot of Regina Spektor.  Love her.

Video Game: Halo 4 (all Spartan Ops; on Episode 10, Chapter 2)
                               Assassin’s Creed III (This game is IMMENSE)
                               Borderlands 2 (Level 8 Gunzerker)
                            * I’m on XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave

Comics:   Wolverine & The X-Men Volume 4 by Jason Aaron
                       Battle Scars by Chris Yost

Oscar Week: The Killing Time Community’s Choice for Best Picture

2013 KT Community Best Picture of the Year
2013 KT Community Best Picture of the Year

Last month, I posted a poll on the site to try to see what Killing Time readers thought was the best picture of 2012.  Granted, the community has gradually been growing since we started, but voting closed today and the clear winner was my pick as well, The Dark Knight Rises.  We can all root for Argo on Sunday as the second place finisher was the highest ranked to actually be nominated.  Thanks to everyone for voting and look for a new poll next week.

Sony Unveils Playstation 4

New PS4 Controller
New PS4 Controller

Sony fired the first shot in the next generation console war yesterday by officially unveiling the Playstation 4.  I know you may think Nintendo already did this with the Wii U, but I’m one of those gamers who think that Nintendo makes toys rather than actual games now.  Hmm?  I’m wrong?  When was the last time you updated your Mii or Wii bowled?  I’m sorry I couldn’t hear your answer as I was busy doing eight things on my 360 while you looked for a nunchuck behind your couch.  What was I saying?  Ah yes, the point of this article.

Though curiously not showing the actual console (dear God, will it be even bigger than the launch PS3?), they did show off their new dual-shock controller which will feature motion sensitivity, built-in speakers, a headphone jack and a touch pad.  Here are the other revelations:
* Single-chip custom processor; utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores
* 8 GB of onboard memory
* Much expanded use and functionality of the Playstation Eye
* Blu Ray support (kind of a given as it was in the PS3)
* Again, no backward compatibility.  Your PS3 games will not play on the PS4.
* The release date is holiday 2013.
* Synergy with the PS Vita.

Nothing I saw on the amount of onboard memory.  No price point was listed.  Nothing was mentioned about the very controversial DRM issue that both it and the Xbox Infinity are planning on rolling out (I’ll rant about this another time).  As unveilings go, not a lot of meat.  The big news for me is that they’re hitting the shelves this year, which nearly guarantees Microsoft will do the same.  The backward compatibility thing just pisses me off to no end.  It’s the reason I went from being a Playstation loyalist to 360 fanboy.  There’s no reason in this day and age to keep making your catalog of games obsolete with progressive generations.  I have no interest in the PS4 myself, but I’m a tech geek so it’s always interesting to see what’s on the horizon.